Monday, January 31, 2011

Rocking Weekend!

 Friday, "Izzy" had a visit with his biological parents! Super excited they are back in the picture! When I went to pick up Wes from school that night, I saw the sign that our preschool has been voted the "Best Of Omaha" for 2011! I am really excited about that, it makes me feel better about leaving my son there all day and also to know that the children we do foster care for will go to an outstanding place!

 We did a group training run on Saturday. It was the first training run as a group out at the lake due to the cold and ice. There were a couple slick spots still on the trail but all in all not a bad run! By the time I had gotten done, frost had formed on my gloves due to a combo of cold weather and sweat! Fun times for any runner!

Saturday night we took the kids and met up with another couple and their kids to The Amazing Pizza's a pizza buffet/arcade/kiddie crack house! Seriously...there is so much cool stuff for kids to do. Plus my geeky husband can play video games without me making too much fun of him. The above pic is me and Wes on the insane merry-go-round-spinning-puke inducing fun ride! Wes got the thrill ride gene from me. I took him on his first upside down ride when he was only 3 years old. He was actually too small for the seat belt so I had to hold on tight!! HE LOVED IT! It was one of those carnival rides where you control the cart you sit in to make it swing or it locks in place to allow you to go upside down....I did one upside down rotation and he giggled so hard he went completely limb from laughing....he managed to get out " it again" in between bouts of laughter. He is such a cool kid!


Anonymous said...

Omaha! We were stationed out at Offutt YEARS ago!! Best zoo ever!!

Nikki Kendall said...

Yay Ms. Mama! It is nice to have someone know what I'm talking about!!