Thursday, June 30, 2011

Headed for the hills

I am officially training for the Nike Women's Marathon on October 16, 2011.

Luckily I am apart of Team In Training and get to go on this 26.2 mile journey with the most amazing people!

But for's time to train.

Since it's in San Francisco.....that means it's time for HILLS!

So we will start with some tips from The Marathon Website

Be Prepared:
This might sound obvious, but if you are going to run a hilly marathon course you need to train on hills. Actually your marathon training should always include some hill work as our Marathon Training Program suggests.
You must do this hill work to get your heart rate up and exercise some under-utilized muscles. Running successfully up a long hill is also a great confidence booster. If you can do this regularly, without over-training, you will be mentally well prepared to tackle the marathon – flat or hilly!

Don’t push too hard on the hills, (especially early in a marathon) because you will expend a lot of energy you are going to need later on. It’s much better to relax, slow down and try and maintain your normal running form (stride, posture) as much as possible. Your stride will be shorter of course, and you’ll need to lift your knees instead of pushing hard from the back of your legs. Ideally you will be putting out the same, or just slightly more, effort than running on the flat. This needs practice, which is why you include regular hill training in your marathon program.
During the race don’t try to keep up with others, who seem to ‘storm’ up every hill. They could easily be running into oxygen debt, and if you stick to your hill training routine you will soon catch up with them.
During your training you should focus on downhill running as well as the uphill parts. But be careful, your knees can suffer with too much or to hard downhill running. If you have had knee problems previously my advice is to cut back on this kind of training and avoid the really hilly marathons.

So here we go! I've done two little hill workouts on the treadmill....but after seeing my race route and elevation changes I've realized it is time to kick it up a notch.

Bring it on 26.2.....your hilly ass is mine.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hard Day

Today is a very difficult day. Today is Eric's birthday. He would have been 3 this year.

I miss him with every breath that I take.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lab Rat Phase 2 Complete and A Weekend of Bad-Assery

Phase 2 of the Triathlete VO2 testing is done. Today cycling. The Doctor who oversaw things today stated..." can tell she's cycled before....look how smooth she is.." I felt pretty sassy for a few minutes. Then as I cooled down the other Doctor joined in and reviewed my readings as described them as.."awesome....almost textbook".  I'm not sure what that means or how I feel about it. I am glad things are going the way they expected.....but my ego really wants to be better than text book.

The did my body fat today, no results until the end of the study. Final phase in set for July 11.

Weekend Bad-Assery! We went camping with the Carter Clan again this weekend and had a great time.

We wake boarded....

We knee-boarded....

 We slept in our awesome camper with perfect sleeping temps...

We cooked over an open fire....

AND...Jenn and I snuck in a 5 mile run around the lake that ended in fireworks!!
Not between us or anything (hee, hee)....but actual fireworks from a show of some sort!
It was pretty cool!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Triathlete Lab Rat: Phase 1

The University Of Nebraska Omaha contacted TEAM In Training asking is they knew any female triathletes who would be willing to participate in a study. The women had to have completed at least 2 triathlons in the last I volunteered.

The Rules:
2 tris in the last year
no workout 24 hours prior to testing after initial phase
gotta be a girl
free body comp and VO2 testing upon completion.

Phase 1: Running

So they take your blood pressure, sign consents, explain the test procedure, and hook you up to this crazy head gear. The mouth piece is huge....I have a big mouth so fit wasn't a drooling was the problem. Not a problem, just embarrassing.

Then they let you drool all over yourself while they test your blood sugar, set up the machine, and prepare to run the test.

Then you start.

2 min. at 3mph for a warm up
jump to 6mph for 2 min
jump to 7mph, they take your blood pressure while running and let you cruise for 2 min.
jump to 9mph

I lasted 1:30 at 9mph.....after 9mph then they start increasing your need for me.
I was fine slow turtle legs just wasn't feeling 9mph.

When you are done, they let you cool down for 2 min. and then test you oxygen saturation levels in your blood, test you blood sugar again, and your blood pressure.

Next week is the bike. They will do my skin fold measurements then as well.

Gotta remember to shave my legs for that one!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pure Awesomeness

We spent this past weekend doing LOTS of family fun activities! We went to Round The Bend's annual Testicle Festival.....yes there is a whole big party dedicated to eating cow balls. I will refrain from showing the pictures on the world wide web. After a couple of cocktails.....we were pretty funny!

After eating all the balls we could handle, we went to a really great fireworks show. Nothing says summertime like fireworks!

We took Wes to the Papio Days Carnival on Saturday and let him go crazy! He rode all the rides by himself this year! He is finally tall enough....and brave enough!

He even got his face painted like a pirate!

On Sunday I got in a great 7 mile run with TEAM-mates! It was hot and humid, and to be honest a tough run. There is no greater feeling than accomplishing something that is tough! It ended up being a great run with a great group!

SPEAKING OF GREAT!!! Another blogger....another Team-mate hosted a giveaway.....AND I WON!

JULIE writes a blog that I l-o-v-e reading! She chats about her kids, life, and she is a member of team in training.....on the coast. There are many miles between us but the world of running and the world of TNT makes miles seem less large!

She hosted a giveaway for Zaca Recovery Patch, it's a patch you use to prevent hangovers. Julie happens to enjoy wine, much like myself, and got asked to try these patches. She says they work pretty well. Brilliant! I have to admit....I am probably a little too excited to try them out.

All in all.....a weekend of pure awesomeness!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Funny Feet and a Sleepy Sneak

I went to see the Foot doc today to chat about my random pain in "my good foot." I think I stepped on a rock during the first transition at the last triathlon. It felt bruised and then in the last two weeks it felt like a little pebble underneath my second to last toe....for the parents out there, "the one that had none."  So after a couple of xrays, it was decided that I irritated a nerve that splices between my two middle toes....the one that had roast beef and the one that had none. She thinks I came in early enough that it will be an easy fix.

Got an RX anti-inflammatory and this lovely concoction...

And I should be good in two weeks. I can still run and train as long as there is no pain during exercise and as long as I ice after every run. Good News!!

Wanna know what happens when your 4 year old wakes up before you and knows how to work your phone ???

You find pics of yourself sleeping flat on your face.

Good times....good times.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


The best part about leaving my day job....TIME. I have TIME! I am not running all over town, hurrying through chores, grumbling that I need more help or more hours in the day. I have time. Granted I have less money, but wow....time is really priceless (I just hope the hubby doesn't mind taking over a couple more household bills starting soon). I have taken on several chores around the house that I am actually getting done. I am training a new client at my business and hopefully adding another soon. I have increased my hours at the Y and have gotten a raise!

Plus I have spent more time with Wes. Since he's 4....he still wants to hang out with me. I am so glad I get the opportunity to hang out with him while he still likes to hang out with me. I know this time is short, so I am so thankful to have this opportunity.

So far.....


We went to Jones' Bros. Cupcakes....that's right a whole restaurant dedicated to cupcakes! Too good!! They have a "cafe" as well that serves sandwiches, but's all cupcakes and coffee! Brilliant!

This past Saturday, Dave ran the Run For The Young, a 5K hosted by the foster care agency that we foster through. They hold a 5K to raise money to send kiddos in foster care to summer camp. It was a good turn out, Dave did well! Wes hung out with me and helped me set up a table for the business. I got to chat with a good group of people about my business....just getting my name out there!!
My running buddy ran too! She got a PR and took first place in her age group!!

On Sunday I ran 6 with TEAM In Training. I hosted a Sunday group run session and got to meet 2 new Team-mates! Fun stuff. It was the longest run since the Lincoln Half Marathon May 1 and my very first run since the Triathlon May 22. It went well and I feel good!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Family Fun

We spent this past weekend camping with the Carter Clan! We had a great time as always! Wes finally learned to ride his bike!! Major milestone people!!! He refused to pedal for-ever!

Sam attempted to ride his bike too....just like the big boys.

He didn't quiet get the hang of it but he looked super cute trying!

My body is still adjusting to the new job. I am looking forward to my teaching schedule slowing down a little bit. This chick is tired! Things are starting to get sore and crampy too. Still I have NO complaints about giving up my desk job for less pay, harder work, and something I love doing! It really is great! I am a much happier person all around!

I've had this pain in my foot since the triathlon. I thought I had just stepped on a rock and bruised it or something, but it is not going away. To be honest it is getting worse. I made an appointment with a podiatrist for next week. I am in training for another Triathlon in a few weeks and a full marathon in a couple on months. I want to get everything all squared away while my miles aren't insane!

Damn feet! If they are going to be so much least they could be better looking!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Busy Bee

I love-love-love my new job! I am teaching several times during the week at the YMCA, just booked a personal training client through the YMCA, and have 2 new clients at my own business! I get to wear sweats and get sweaty----and it's smiled upon!
It has been a crazy week. I volunteered to pick up a bunch of classes as the sub fitness instructor. I think I panicked  a little bit when I left the desk job. I seriously haven't had the time to breathe all week! My body is sore and tired from so much exercise and I am deliriously happy about it! Next week will get back to a more normal schedule and I'll be able to breathe then. I have a large to do list for the house and the new business! Plus I have to start my own training for another Triathlon in July and a full marathon in October! Summer of 2011 is going to ROCK!