Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

 WE had a big snow storm that start last night and hasn't quite stopped yet. I'm not sure what the total amount of snow was for this round, but they say the wind is supposed to pick up overnight. Schools were canceled today and a lot of schools have been canceled for tomorrow.
 I am beginning to see the perks in working for a school! I get snow days too!!
 I had a good, lazy day keeping the boys home. We spent about 30 minutes outside playing in the snow this afternoon. It was about all we could handle, it was pretty cold.
I pulled the boys around in a sled through the yard this afternoon. Izzy and Wes both giggled until the sled tipped over and both boys face planted. Izzy was done...wanted nothing more to do with anything that was cold. Wes on the other hand was just getting started! He loved it! 

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Lori Lynn said...

I am a teacher, so I definitely see the perks of snow days. I think I like them just as much as the kids!