Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wintery Run

 We had decent temperatures yesterday so I headed out for my first outdoor run of the year. All in all it went well, there were only a couple spots that still had a thick layer of ice that I had to walk over. The sun peeked out during the last mile of the run, I definitely needed some sunshine! It felt amazing!
My ankle was a little sore after the run on the same foot that caused my trouble last season. So I think I am going to up the lower limb conditioning a notch to make sure I don't get hurt again. I've got a lot planned this year and I am really looking forward to it....train smart while training hard! I must have weak feet and ankles. I've got to get up the courage to run in my Five Fingers!

This morning I swam, climbed some stairs, and then did some bare foot work. I stretched out pretty good too! I think I have finally conquered this pesky virus I've been struggling with and am ready to kick it back into gear!

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