Thursday, March 31, 2011

Workplace making you fat? There's an app for that...

 Apparently, in my office it is not possible to hold a meeting that does not involve food. Information can not be digested unless it is digested with something high fat and sugary. In my workplace every office is encouraged to have a bowl of sweets available just in case someone needs a little pick me up. If you know me at know I have no will all.

God forbid you have something healthy at one of these meetings!!  You do not want to be "that girl" who brings in carrots sticks and makes everyone who is eating a doughnut feel bad!

 Trust me....I've been that girl.

Since I have started my new job, 7 months ago, I have gained 7 pounds. I have also utilized this blog to complain about it.....sorry about that!
I promise, my loyal readers, no more fat talk. WHY???? There's an app for that.

IPhone has an app called "lose it". It is a food journal app that lets you put in your goal weight, counts calories, and counts various nutrients such as sodium, fat, carbs, etc. What I like about this app is that it also accounts for calories burned during exercise. It has hundreds of food already programmed in and has everything from store brand food to specific restaurant items. It is very easy to use. I dont' know why I have put off using it for so long....I guess I was hoping for the weight loss fairy to come and magically suck away these 7 pounds without me even realizing it. Well Virgina....there is no Santa Claus. I have got to put on my big girl panties and take care of business myself.  No whining, no complaining.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tightwad Tuesday For the Runner Chick

Liz over at feetdominatingpavement.wrote a blog post about her Runner's Wish List. I have to admit that we share as similar wish list. Here's the thing....I am not a tightwad by nature. If I like something, I get it regardless of price because I know I will use it and I know I will like it. The struggle for me is getting new athletic gear. Athletic gear is not cheap. What if I find out that half way through a 10 mile run, when I have soaked through my new shirt that it rubs me raw in the arm pit. Now it's sweaty and covered in blood....they don't let you return items with that much grossness on them! Or what if I invest in some new trend in hydration tablets only to find out they taste like a monkey's ass? Have you ever tasted a monkey's ass???
Personally, I have not but I can't imagine it would taste good.

Here is a list of things I would like to try before I buy. These are things I hope either work good, taste good, and are useful but haven't been convinced:

1. Compression Socks: good in theory but not sold on  actual function

2. NUUN: sounds awesome but I can't commit to a whole tube of one flavor on the off chance I don't like that flavor.

3. Foam Roller: another good theory but not sold on functionality thing

4. Running Arm Sleeves: great idea!! Scared about fit and rubbing

5. Garmin 405: It is really worth the price???

 So.....I am accepting donations!!! Ha Ha!!

Running note: I had an odd run this morning. I set out on the treadmill with an idea about what I wanted to do for this workout and it went completely astray. I got a total of 5 miles in so it was still a good workout but nothing like I had originally  planned. I don't think I ate enough breakfast this morning either.

I took a practice exam for my personal training certificate and did not do well. The exam is in 16 days and I am officially in freak out mode. This may have been part of the demons that I fought in my head this morning.

Monday, March 28, 2011

 I have decided to adjust my schedule after a massive BONK on a long run day! I had been working out Monday through Saturday:
Monday: Body Pump
Tuesday: Short Run, Fast pace
Wednesday: Teach Spin
Thursday: Swim
Friday: Teach Spin
Saturday: Long Run

This schedule had been working out fine....until 9 mile day. I hit mile 7 during that run and bonked. It might have had to do with my pace, I went out fast and had a hard time maintaining; my legs were sore for 2 days. So I have decided to add in a rest day. My new schedule:
Monday: swim and weights on my own
Tuesday: Short run, fast pace
Wednesday: Teach Spin
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Teach Spin
Saturday: Long Run

I tried this new schedule last week and my long run this past Saturday went much better. I focused on slowing down and just cruising. It was a really good run. It actually snowed on us the whole time we ran. It was cold....but it was Oh My Gosh Beautiful. We saw over 8 deer tucked away in the back corners of the lake. It was quiet and the girl I ran with this time was great company. She is training for a half ironman, we chatted quite a bit but we both were able to appreciate the beauty and the silence when needed.

I have noticed a trend I am not happy about...the number on the scale keeps creeping in the wrong direction. I have to focus on a happy balance that keeps me going through my workout but that also keep my pants fitting. I have been thinking about this balance for a couple months now and just don't have it right. I think I am going to have to resort to a food journal. I hate food journals, I don't like thinking about what I eat all the time, It makes me paranoid. So before I dive in head first...I am going to do some research. Doing research will make the hubby proud. He's a research kind of guy.

Any suggestions for a food journal?
Any tips for the fitting pants vs happy workout dilemma?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nebraska Running

Knowing what to wear for a run is sometimes tricky, especially during a change in seasons. You don't want to overdress, sweat and be hot and miserable; but at the same time you really don't want to be cold: tight muscles and hard to breathe. It's a dilemma. Add the chaotic Nebraska weather on top of that and it's really hard to know what to wear!!

This picture was taken Sunday March 20. We were all outside playing, Dave was doing yard work, it was sunny and mid-60s.

On Tuesday March 22, we had thunderstorms and were in a tornado watch. The storms ended up missing us and I got in a nice evening can scroll down and read about my run in an earlier post.

This picture was taken this morning March 25.

In Nebraska....March is going out like a lion.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Luck of the Irish Giveaway WINNER

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Night Running

A picture of Downtown Omaha at night
Since switching jobs I have taken to working out before I head to the office. I get up at the butt crack of dawn (actually before dawn) to get my workouts in. Working out in the morning allows me to get a full workout in, a complete workout schedule, and still have time for my family. I am a wife and mother after all! So far I have enjoyed it. I feel like I get to spend quality family time and get quality workouts. Yesterday, due to some scheduling issues, I wasn't able to get a run in during the wee hours of the morning. So after a long day of work, meeting the "Izzy's" caseworker, and our kiddos bedtime routine, I headed out for a run. It has been months since I've run at night. 

My neighborhood is hilly and the Nebraska winds were definitely blowing, but it felt great. It was dark and quiet. I kept the ipod down low since I was running on the street, so I heard the neighborhood dogs bark, the passing of traffic, and the occasional conversation of people coming in and out of their garages. As I ran, I would get an occasional hint of the smell of laundry in the dryer. It was really nice. I ended up staying up later than my normal bedtime, but I slept great so it really didn't matter.....quality over quantity right??

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Vegetarian Week In Review

 I have spent the last week being a vegetarian. I only slipped on one meal....I made a big breakfast for Dave and I this weekend of bacon, eggs, and toast; and ate the bacon. I didn't even realize it until almost 4 hours later. I must be a creature of habit.

My first venture was eggplant. I have never bought an eggplant, I have never cooked an eggplant, I have never eaten an eggplant. It turned out good. Dave even like it. I made eggplant parmesan with pasta made with whole wheat angel hair and a veggie marinara....side of brocoli to boot! We always have milk with dinner, no exeptions. does a body good...espeically with it's organic and fat free!
Another venture....Cauliflower Tangine. For the reciepe click HERE

 I served it with Quinoa....first time I have ever cooked that too! The Quinoa probably wasn't necessary but it gave the meal a protein boost. This dish called to have it served over Cous Cous but it really isn't needed, it is stand alone good. If you add one more can of veggie broth it would be a good soup.

So far my nemesis: Tofu
I just can't get it right. I can't get it so it's not super mushy. It's totally a texture thing too, taste-wise it is good. I am going to give it one more shot. I have an idea.....I will keep you posted.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck of the Irish GIVEAWAY!!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vegetarian For A Week

So my new challenge is to be a vegetarian for a week. Living in Nebraska, the beef state, I am a fan of steak. I grew up eating meat and potatoes. I also grew up having to "clean my plate". 

To date we have not forced Wes to "clean his plate". He can be done eating when he is full. We do make him try everything though, at least one bite. He is a picky eater...I have no idea where he gets that from either. We want him to be exposed to new things and continuously try items that are "out of the box" in his little  4year old mind. We typically have to bribe him with his bedtime snacks, but ultimately I am OK with that.  

Yesterday was my first attempt at tofu. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. Julie had given me  a good idea for my next tofu attempt and I think I will take her advice, her idea sounds yummy! So, I spent some of my workday yesterday looking up vegetarian recipes...I know my boss would be proud. I found a few that sound relatively easy and that allow me to step outside of my norm and try something new. On my list this week is Eggplant Parmesan and BBQ Tofu over Quinoa. I have never eaten eggplant let alone cooked it. I have also never cooked Quinoa.    Hope the hubby is ready to roll with me on  this one!

I headed out to the grocery store after the little boys went to bed. I only forgot 2 things, which is good for me, and they are easy to pick up on my way home. While I was checking out, the poor teen boy; riddled with acne and braces, says to me "Wow Ma' got a lot of vegetables". After my initial internal "ugh" for being called ma'am...I told him I was going to try to be a vegetarian for a week. He paused, thought for a minute and said..."but meat is good."   

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tapped Out on Tuesday

I headed for the gym this morning...anxious for a good run. After all, my race on Saturday was awesome!

What I found were tired legs. I really struggled with my run today, my legs were heavy, I huffed and puffed, and felt deflated. I started out at my usual pace but had to slow it down periodically. I was scheduled for 5 but only managed to squeeze out 3.5.  I've decided not to feel bad about it....I've chalked it up to a recovery run. I have plenty of opportunities to regroup before my next race and I am not going to let this run get in the way of an awesome runners high from a great race!

There is a stand off going on in my house over the cleaning of a particular bathroom.
I am suffering some consequences from my stubborn-ness but I am
too stubborn to care.
NEW CHALLENGE: I have decided to take on a new challenge. I am going to be a vegetarian for a week. Yesterday I did well. I had a PB&J for breakfast, a veggie casserole with a side salad for lunch, and made tofu tacos for dinner. It was the first time I have ever cooked was a learning experience.  The tacos weren't bad...they weren't real good either. So....I am researching some vegetarian recipes and will keep you posted. Tonight will be my first big challenge of this week, we are going out to dinner with my in-laws to a seafood restaurant. I love seafood, especially crab legs. I mentioned earlier, I am stubborn and I want to rock this new little challenge.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday worthy race results!

Rocking my St. Patty's Gear for the Leprechaun Chase

On Saturday I did the Leprechaun Chase. When I signed up for this race I had a goal time in mind, 6.2 in under an hour. On Friday when I saw the weather (20 mph winds) I thought that maybe it wasn't going to be a good day for a goal pace, then I saw the course and how insanely hilly it was and I was pretty sure a goal day was not going to occur today. At the start line, I got nervous. The kind of nervous where I wasn't worried about my goal time, I was worried about acutally finishing the race. I have no idea why I got so nervous, I have run 6.2 miles before on numerous occassions.....but sitting at the start line I worried I wouldn't finish. Then I looked up, and saw two of my TEAM-mates! Instantly my nerves were gone. I was suddenly just going to go for a jog with the TEAM, no pressure, just my regular Saturday routine.
The gun went off and we headed out. Instantly we were greeted with hills and some off road running. I focused on staying steady and strong, told myself not to worry about the time, it was a tough course, stay strong. As I crossed the finish line I looked up.....AND I DID IT!! Woot Woot! I hit my goal!! Offical results:

Time: 57:48
Pace: 9.21
Age Division: 53/142
Gender Division: 522/872

I proceeded to enjoy the green beer after party. I have to say it was a super fun race. Everyone was dressed up. The costume contest was awesome! A girl won the overall race so every lady got a free beer!!

For my birthday Dave got me a new pair of Vibram Five Fingers. These are much more low profile then my bright blue ones! They feel amazing.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's My Birthday

Today is my birthday!
Today is my birthday!

Yup....Dave got me a new pair of Five Fingers.

I asked Wes to color me a picture for my birthday... he said,
"No mom...but I will eat your cake for you."

Friday, March 11, 2011


Inspiration can be found almost daily....if we remember to look for it...or at least acknowledge it when it's there.  When I logged on this morning, I found some!

Please click on this link and go to her raffle page!

Ms. Angie Bee is holding a raffle on her blog to raise money for Camp Sunnyside. Ms. Bee's son has autism and has been going to this camp for 3 years. Ms. Angie Bee is doing this raffle to raise money to help the camp and she is also on the planning committee for a walk/5-k to help raise money as well. Ms. Angie Bee is also a mom on a mission!

Jess at Blonde Ponytail is also an inspiration! Jess and I went to high school together. In high school she was a superstar athlete and well as academic. I have gotten the opportunity to "reconnect" in the virtual world with Jess and I must say that she is even more of an inspiration now! It is very cool to see what an amazing woman she has become! Side note: she is still an awesome athlete!

  At the BIGGEST inspiration.....Wes. As a parent we are forced into the position of being a role model. What we say, what we do, how we all absorbed into your child's little brain. As Wes grows up...I am not going to force him into athletics...but I do want to be a good role model as far as taking care of yourself and your body. I want to show him the importance of exercise and eating right. Wes has been forced to see a couple of my races. He is always a good sport about it. Shortly after my first marathon, a local pumpkin patch held a race , 100 meters for his age group, where the kids got to actually "compete" in an event. They all got numbered bibs (like mom wore) and at the finish line they all got medals (like mom did). Wes told us he really liked it and wanted to run more races (with mom). I swear it almost made my heart burst!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have officially registered for my personal training exam. I am taking the exam April 13th. I am really nervous about this exam, I think April 13th gives me time to really study and really get over the nerves too. I have been chatting with my supervisor at the YMCA about the exam and she has given me some helpful hints. Keep your fingers crossed.

On Saturday I have my first ever 10-K race. I am normally a 10-minute mile girl, I am hoping to complete the race in under 60 minutes, sounds like a good goal to me...give myself a little push. It is hard to have a personal best time when you have never run a race of this distance but I have run that many miles. So...once again....keep your fingers crossed!

Coming back from vacation is tough. The snow capped mountains of Colorado have transformed to mountains of laundry. Everything that we put off doing before vacation is now glaring me in the face. Booooo!

 We took "Izzy" to see a developmental pediatric Doctor before we left. "Izzy" has had ongoing troubles with his ears which may be effecting his language development. This Dr. would like to get his ear troubles cleared up and then set him up for a few different evaluations. Due to "Izzy's" age, there isn't a whole lot we can do yet, but good base understanding will be very helpful in the next year to get him set up with appropriate services if needed. The ability of a child in foster care to form a bound with an adult is very critical to their overall development into adolescence and adulthood. We were hoping to see a little bit of attachment with "Izzy" in the fact that he may be excited to see us upon our return, unfortunately we didn't get that. He was pretty indifferent about our arrival and his return to our care. "Izzy" has a court review hearing next month, I have been contacted by the court to fill out a form about my opinion regarding the case. Lots to think about this week!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vacation Recap

On Friday we headed for the hills....literally.
We spent time with my former dorm-mate from College and her family. I haven't seen Sarah since I was pregnant with Wes. It was so great to catch up with her and finally meet her daughter!
This is the view from Sarah's garage.....I was actually standing by the truck in her garage when I took this picture. It is nice to have such great friends!
When we got up to Breckenridge, we opted for a snowmobiling trip. It was a 2 hour tour that took us past the tree line and waaaaaay up to the top of the peaks!
It was breathtaking. We were up past 13,000 feet with the most amazing views. I honestly don't think I could find the words to fully describe this experience. It was one of those moments where you realize just how small you actually are in the world.
We took a gondola ride that rode us up to the top of the town of Breckenridge. It was a good time! Wes thought it was pretty awesome that we went over streets and on top of cars.
On Monday we put Wes in Ski School. I think he was the youngest kid there. It was an all day Ski School 9-3:30, they taught the kids to ski, fed them lunch, and let them play. Wes said he had a good day and his instructors said he did a good job!
While Wes was in Ski School, Dave and I hit the slopes. We had a blast. We stuck together all day! I had the most comical fall while Dave had the hardest fall. He actually had snow packed into his helmet and ski goggles, he hit hard enough he convinced himself he bruised his heart with his ski poles. I really wish I could have seen it! We stuck to greens most of the day and got brave and opted for a blue after lunch. While the blue was manageable, for me anyways, it was not as much fun. It was more work than either of us wanted to put in for a vacation. So we stuck to greens and enjoyed ourselves.
The resort where we were at had a heated indoor/outdoor pool. So you could swim under a barrier and swim outside while it snowed on your head. Wes thought that was the coolest thing ever. He would hop out of the pool, let snow fall on his head, giggle, and jump back in. He would make us take him in and out and in and out. He did a such a great job on the trip! He tried everything we put him up to, did a great job on the 10 hour drive, and was all in all a great kid!
I love family vacation!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

7 Things List

I got tagged by mamarunsbarefoot in her blog to complete a 7 Things List
So here is mine...

1. I have been practicing Buddhism for almost 15 years. I am not a very disciplined  practitioner, I don't go to temple. But I do practice Zazen mediation every day.

2. I have so mega curly hair. I tried for years to make it straight and pretty. It never worked and I always hated my hair. I didn't embrace the curls until I was in my twenties...I am now mad at myself that I waited so long.
3. Excluded my world travel ideal destinations...I have accomplished almost everything on my bucket list. This list includes a triathlon, marathon, sky diving, and other things that are too outlandish to mention publicly. Only some of my bestest friends know some to these list items...and others will forever remain a secret.

4. I am a huge Dave Mathews Band fan. I have seen them 9 times in concert and hope to go to more shows. They are awesome. I am utterly convinced that #41  is probably the greatest song every written of all time!

5. I sang with the Nebraska Choral Arts Society for 6 years. I am on a Christmas CD, won 2 silver medals in an international competition, and traveled to Germany where I sang in a cathedral with the worlds longest echo.

 6. I get spring fever very badly. So badly in fact that my grades suffered in both undergrad and grad school, and I actually find it hard to maintain employment during the onset of spring.

7. Super Troopers in by far one of my all time favorite movies. I laugh so hard I almost pee every time I watch never gets old.



Happy Frog and I

H Love

Pepe Le Pew

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


sorry it's sideways, couldn't get it to turn on my laptop. a facial last night. So nice. If you are ever in Omaha and need a great salon, great hair cut, great people who will give you a little TLC go to Trios ! Best salon ever! The owners are two of my favorite people. The Hubby,  Jeff, is a Five Finger marathoner! Yup...a full 26.2 in five fingers. A little birdie told me he might be considering trying to qualify for Boston at my May race this year! Adds to the excitement of the Lincoln Marathon for me! I think it sounds like a great goal for him!

A few of the other blogs that I follow have done Giveaways. They give away various fun stuff to their followers. I am in the works to try to host my own giveaway! So...stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blood, sweat, and more sweat.

I had really good workouts for my last 2! Yesterday I did a Body Pump class and then ran a full mile in my five fingers...furthest to date. I actually kind of got into a zone running in them, it was pretty awesome. I didn't want to stop but I did for the sake of training and soreness prevention. So today, my calves were tight, not sore, just tight. I still opted for a run day on the treadmill since I was feeling pretty confident from yesterday's five finger day.

I have been trying to get a little faster. I am normally a 10-11 minute mile girl so I have been doing my short weekday runs at 9:40. Quick side note, when running on the treadmill the running bible, Runners World Magazine, recommends putting the treadmill at a 1% incline to better replicate running outdoors. Back to my today at mile 3 I realize I forgot to put my incline to 1%. I was cruising along at a 9:40 pace, so I figured if I am not at the right incline then I should push pace. So I ran 1.5 miles at 9:15 and finished my last 1/4 mile sub-9.

And the results....
sweaty....super sweaty.
I am utterly convinced I sweat more than the average woman.
When I look at this picture...all I can hear is Fat Bastard from Austin Powers saying..."look at my sweat-ty tit-tties"

I cleaned up quick and headed to work.

I scheduled a little pre-vacation "me time" tonight, I am getting a facial! Pretty excited about it! I am out of my office all day tomorrow for Red Cross training that I have to have done before I can take my personal training exam. I am still really nervous about the test. I opted to schedule my exam after the red cross training...just in case something should happen. I'm not sure what could happen, but I feel better waiting. Honestly my nerves are getting the best of me. A nice mountain vacation should help with that!! I can not wait until we leave on Friday! I will have some great pictures for the blog!