Sunday, August 29, 2010

Busy Weekend!

We had a very busy weekend. Saturday morning I woke up and ran 14 miles!! It was a rough run though. I discovered why our coaches told us not to go on a diet during training. I guess I won't be fitting in that dress for the wedding in september but at least my training will go smoother. hmph. I really wanted to wear that dress but after Saturdays run.....I'll just buy a new one. I can fit into the dress but it is just a smidge too tight, it looks like I'm trying too hard and no one wants to be that girl at a wedding. No one.
 After the run we met up with my Dad and went to Offutt Airforce Base's air show. It was fun after we got through Wes' I'm tired and hungry melt down. Thank goodness for chicken tenders and a reclining stroller seat! Whew. On Sunday we had a famil breakfast and village inn and I went to Dave's cousin Katie's bridal shower. It was a nice shower, she got lots of cool kitchen gadgets! I'm pooped. I have a busy week ahead too. 3 interviews, a health fair, a facial, and on Saturday....a 15 mile run day!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fun

Tonight we went to Millard Days. It was fun...we rode rides, ate dippin dots, ate funnel cake, and played at the park. Dave took Wes on the Tilt-a-whirl.....Wes smiled the whole time, Dave did not. Dave is not aging well in terms of amusement ride fun. Wes loves them! I am still a fan though I can't hold my own the way I used to.
I went to the YMCA today and filled out my new employee paperwork. I am officially a Fitness Instructor for the Y. I have courses to complete before I can start teaching, but first on my agenda is Group Cycling. I went and priced cycling shoes today and found a pair I like. I am proud to say that this time, they were NOT the most expensive pair in the store!! THAT NEVER HAPPENS TO ME! I always like the expensive ones purely by default. This was not the case this time, awesome! I would also like to teach Body Pump, which is cardio weight lifting. We will have to see what my schedule allows. I still have to find a full time "real" job....but I am super stoked to get to teach these classes! The game plan is to have me start teaching after Sept. 11th!! The girls who teach the cycling classes now stating they were excited to have me on the schedule!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pooptastic Thursday

Last night we decided not to let the dog out when she knocked because we thought she was just wanting to go outside to play. We were wrong. When we woke up there was diarrhea all over the basement floor. I took her to the vet and they prescribed her an antibiotic and pepto tablets. She must have felt really bad because she refused to come in the house all day and whenever I anyone tried to talk to her or pet her she would cower. She put herself in her own cone of shame. (reference to the movie UP in case you didn't get it). So instead of running I spent the morning at the vet and then renting a rug doctor and cleaning carpets. NO FUN!

BUT that changed around. Wes got a good nap in this afternoon, which allowed me too, and we went to The Amazing Pizza Machine with the Carter's. Wes was so excited that Ben got to go to the Pizza Machine he actually let out a girly like gasp of excitement when I told him. They played hard and I am sure they will sleep well.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beautiful day!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. Wes and I took advantage of the weather by heading to the zoo after preschool. Wes specifically asked to see the jungle, giraffe, and zebras. So that is what we did. I added in a Bugs 3D movie at the imax. It was fun. Wes seemed to like it too. I will say that he was absolutely worn out by the time we got home.
I did a spin class this morning. I also spoke with the director at the downtown branch and the YMCA, I am offically going to get set up and certified to be a group cycling instructor! I am soooo pumped about this opportunity! I have to take 2 basic group fitness certification courses and then the cycling course. The YMCA is paying for my courses and setting my up with the text books as well! I will be on the sub list and hopefully get a regular class to teach. Unfortunately I still have to find a full time job but what are ya gonna do??

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wierd Day

We have found out that too much people food for Maggie on our camping trips is a bad thing. Last night, she knocked every two hours to be let outside to poop. The worst part was storming and the gate on the deck would blow shut. So we had to go out to open the deck gate, she would rapidly scurry around all hunched over trying not to get wet while she pooped. Every two hours. Wes woke up possesed by some sort of demon and was banished from cartoons for the day. He later refused to eat his dinner so was banished from his bedtime snack and movie as well.
This morning I tried greek yogurt for the first time. I headed out for my run and about 3 miles in the yogurt turned to cement in my belly. It was not good. So I completed 4 miles and turned home. I finished up 3 miles this evening and it went much better. I have logged enough miles where I get to start shopping for a new shoes. Pretty stoked about that!

All in all a very wierd day. I am planning on going to bed early tonight just to help get it over and done with.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Great Fun!

We had another great time camping this weekend. We went out again with the Carter family. Dave smoked a couple of pork shoulders on the grill and we ate like kings. We had Dave's family come out and join us for dinner that evening too.
I got in a 10 mile run on Saturday, came back to the campground on hopped in the water and got in a ski run. My feet were a little beat up but it was fun. On Sunday I actually got up on the wake board!! I didn't stay up but I'm still super pumped I just got out of the water! Maybe next time I will get it figured out. Dave showed off some skills, he pulled a 360 on the knee board, I myself backwards and face planted as I tried to get forward facing again. Eh...what are ya gonna do. Jenn and Pete showed us all up with their slick skills on the slalom ski...very impressive. I hope to be as cool as them some day!

Dave learned a valuable lesson this weekend as well. When your 3 year old is holding on to a large rock, throwing him up in the air and catching him is a bad causes blackeyes.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rough start!

Wes woke up this morning, puked and had diarrhea. Needless to say I kept him home from preschool today. Thankfully it was only a one time event. We had a very lazy day, it rained all day so that really added to the restful mood. We watched 3 movies, finger painted, and read books. Wes was very cuddly too, which was nice for me ;)

After dinner I headed out for a run. The rain had cleared and it was a beautiful cool evening. I ran 7 miles and felt great!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Zoo Trip with the Carter's

We spent the afternoon at the zoo with the Carter's. We had a good time! I was surprised how much Wes actually walked, Ben must have been a good influence. We took this picture in the Jungle. It was fun!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Major Miles

We did 13 miles this morning. HALF MARATHON! The run went well! My usualy running partner wasn't there so I ran with a couple different people at different intervals of the run. All in all it went really well! I felt a little beat up when I got home. I took a cold soak then a warm shower. My knees and hips were a little battered but I am feeling better already! I ran 20 miles this week and added in a swim and a spin class! I have been eating like a horse!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Terrible 3s

We spent the afternoon swimming with the Carter's at the YMCA. Wes spent the first 20 minutes pouting on my lap and then chose to sit out for the next 20 minutes. After 2 potty breaks and a time out his head spun around in a couple of 360's and he turned back into my son. He played and was jumping in the pool with Ben. I can't explain it. Thankfully Ben is patient and puts up with Wes' random issues. We are planning on heading to the zoo on Monday before Ben starts kindergarten. We will keep our fingers crossed that the grump monster stays at home and that Wes attends the outing with us! Although I may have accidently traumatized the child this evening. I rented Monster House, Wes likes being scared, and I think it was a little too much for him. He ended up going to bed with his dinosaur flashlight. Hmmmm....we will see how this night pans out.
I got in 4 miles this morning and spoke the the fitness director about becoming an instructor at the YMCA. He is setting me up with the required courses! I am really excited about this opportunity! I would really like to see this take off and go somewhere awesome! UNTIL THEN...I agreed to help out Wes' daycare with their AM transportation. They needed someone to take the school aged kiddos to their schools and since I am typically not doing anything from 7-9 AM I thought I could help out. Gives me something to do, a little cash in the pocket, and helps out the's a win win. I told them it would only be temporary since I am still seeking employment and they told me whatever I could do would be helpful. Eh....good karma if nothing else :)

Last week of Summer!

It is the last week of summer before school starts in full swing. Not that we are affected so much, but Wes' buddy Ben is starting Kindergarten next week and Uncle Jason has to go back to work. Two boys whom Wes enjoys spending his time with.
I went to spin class yesterday. It was a tough one! Wes and I then joined Ben and Cloudy at the swimming pool for some summer fun! Wes was tired and grumpy when we first got there but Ben was able to turn his frown upside down! Wes was exhausted! He fell asleep on the car ride home.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Swift Kick

So, Mother Nature stood up this evening and gave me and my running buddy a swift kick in the ass. It was soooo hot and soooo humid, we didn't even make a whole 3 miles before we had to walk. It was GROSS! While we were walking and talking, any hand motions we made sent sweat flying in all directions. It's a good thing we're friends cause we swapped sweat.

My grandparents had to evacuate thier home due to flooding. This is the second time this year. They should be able to go back to their home by Thursday. So far they haven't had any water damage to their home, the streets are just so flooded that no one can get anywhere or get to them if something were to happen. It is nice to have them here though!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Family Time Weekend

We all packed up and headed down to Morrill KS for the Kendall family reunion. We ate lunch and played at a local park with about 45 other Kendalls. Dave and I ended the night down at the Kendall Tavern drinking beer with friends, family, and listening to Dave sing Karaoke. Needless to say Dave was a little hung over this morning. Wes spent the night at his grandparents.

We woke up to cleaning the house for a showing this afternoon. Unfortunately that also means we have to pack up the WHOLE family for a picnic lunch in a park in 100 degree weather. YUK!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Too Cool For Poop

For some reason Wes asked for his sun glasses while pooping and then requested my mom to take his picture. Whaddya gonna do?
Big day tomorrow....12 mile run then headed to Kansas for a Kendall family reunion. I have made a bunch of Betty Croker-licious cookies to take down for the lunch tomorrow. I have to admit, I have probably eaten just as much cookie dough as I have made actual cookies. Oh well, I will just consider it "carbing up" for my run tomorrow. :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wes and the camera

Wes has recently become obsessed with taking pictures. He used to just enjoy going through my phone to look at them, now he wants to take them. He took this picture while we were chatting on my bed. His skills have improved, not by much, but he is only 3. He likes to take pictures of his fingers most of the time.
I did a spin class this morning, it was fun. I really think spinning or biking helps my hips for my runs. I have a big run saturday, 12 miles, getting pumped. I have a gel and some gummies ready for refueling. I am going to try all the types of gels/beans/gummies to see which one I like best. So far I like Jelly Belly Beans and Shock Blocks. I got Luna gummies and powerbar gel to try over the next 2 runs. GU is not good.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Wes and I went to the splash pad in papillion after an attempt at a nap today. I made him lay down, I laid down too but I am the only one who fell asleep. Hmmmmm.
I found out today that my grandparents are coming in town this weekend. I got a new Betty Crocker cookbook and might have to show off my mad skillz for my grandparents this weekend. I am thinking either Toffee Bars or Pumpkin Spice Bars with homemade cream cheese frosting. It is nice to make super gooey treats and then leave them at somone else's house. That way you still get to have at least one, but they are not laying around for days tempting you :)
I got in 6 miles tonight with my buddy Jenn. We ran a couple laps around Walnut Creek, where I did the triathlon. I hadn't actually ran the whole course, it was nice, on the hilly sides but a fun run anyways! It was fun running with a new buddy! I decided to do the NIKE women's marathon for TEAM in Training next year and I might have her talked into doing it with me!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Funday!

We had another great time camping this weekend! Today we got up and went swimming and had another cook out for lunch. Wes did such an awesome job swimming!! We got him a new life jacket for when we go boating and he took full advantage of it while we swam in the lake. He swam back and forth between Dave and I in water that was up to my shoulders! He didn't even want us holding on to him at all! He thought he was pretty cool swimming all by himself. I have a feeling swimming lessons are going to go smoothe this winter!

I hit another personal record on Saturday....a 10 mile run! It went well! I kept it slow and made it the whole way with no problems....other than the fact I had to pee 3 times during the run. I obviously kept myself hydrated during my run. So my totals for July:

I ran a total of 69.1 miles this month. I completed a triathlon. AND...most importantly....I lost those pesky pounds I had put on from last month! I have run a total of 135.8 miles for TEAM in Training! I am also turning in my offical paperwork TOMORROW for the marathon. Woot Woot!