Monday, January 24, 2011

Popping the Minimalist Cherry!!

 I DID IT!! I did my first run in my Vibram Five Fingers! I am super excited! I went to a body pump class this morning, cardio weight lifting, and then after class I headed over to the treadmill. I started out slower than my normal pace and limited myself to only doing 1/2 mile. Everything I read says start slow to avoid injury. There were moments where it was very awkward and then there were moments when it was very fluid! I think I will give it a week, I have hills tomorrow, and try again adding more distance! My calves and  feet are tired, but not sore! Even better!!

We got some snow again.
The weather man said only 3-5 inches.

He is a liar. 


Pepe Le Pew said...

We got some snow too but I got hosed at my house. For ten miles around my house the snow was all slush. Ten miles away and it was that perfect fluffy snow.

P.S. Nice toes.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

YAY!!! Boo for the snow, but YAY for you!!