Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dogs and Popcorn

Is it me...or do all dogs love popcorn?

Here is a picture of Maggie...yes...her ears are always like that...one straight up, the other flopped to the side. Like I said, we got her at the Human Society and have no idea what kind of dog she actually is. This is a picture of her intently begging for popcorn. She doesn't beg for anything else the way she does for popcorn. She may throw a sad, fore lorn look at you when you're munching in front of the TV...but when it comes to popcorn, that is a whole different story. She sits directly in front of you, ears at full attention (the Maggie  version of attention), and does not move until the popcorn is completely gone. She actually gets a little frothy waiting for a piece...I think Pavlov would have been proud!

I have decided to start working on increasing my speed for my next race. I got a little inspired by Ms. Blonde Ponytail to ramp it up a little bit! So last night, I increased my speed on the treadmill and help it for a least a mile. I'm hoping to get a couple PR's this year! Considering I only did 3 events last year, I'm hoping to rock it hardcore this year! My feet are a little tender from the increased pounding last night, but it seems to be subsiding quickly! I'm starting to get more and more excited!


Pepe Le Pew said...

"I only did 3 events last year". That's a lot better than 99.99% of the people in this country.

Are there any hills to sled down in your part of the country?

Nikki Kendall said...

Thanks Pepe!

Yes, there are hills in Nebraska. Eastern Nebraska is actually hilly, anything west of Lincoln and there is nothing but flat farm land. In Omaha, it's hilly!