Friday, January 21, 2011

Five Finger Friday

Friday's are casual days, so I wore my five fingers today! My right foot and ankle has been giving my a little bit of the blues the past couple weeks. I have been off my game trying to get over a virus and really slipped off the bandwagon. I think I am good to go. I have re-grouped and re-focused. I think it is going to be my goal to actually run in the five fingers at the gym next week! I am not sure how next week will go, Dave is going to be in New Jersey for work so I will be a single mom for a couple days, but hopefully I can still squeeze in some good gym time!

I have officially registered for my Spring 2011 events. So far I plan on doing a 10-K...The Leprechaun Chase
I have also registered for my Triathlon....The Omaha Women's Tri, and I will officially be doing the Lincoln Half Marathon with TEAM In Training.

I have also been assigned a group of athletes from TEAM In Training that I will be mentoring for the spring season. I have about 5 guys and gals that I will be supporting! I am super excited. It sounds like we have a pretty great group lined up for the Spring! The TEAM also contacted me in regards to their triathlon team. They are working with the YMCA that I teach at to give the tri team in for some group trainings during the cold months. I have volunteered to teach a spin class for the tri team in February.

All in all I have had a pretty good week! I even started studying for my Personal Training Certificate!


Diplo_Daddy said...

Fitness. Now that's something I need more of in my life. Best of luck with your half marathon.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

That is awesome that you are leading a group for TEAM!!! Go Nikki!