Friday, January 7, 2011

Long Week

We got hit with some illnesses in our house. I have felt run down all week!! On Tuesday I took Izzy to the Dr. to find out he has an ear infection and the next day Wes started throwing up. So I spent Wednesday at home, with a cranky baby and a puking 3 year old. Wes spent most of the day on the pull out bed in the family room watching various movies, Maggie was very happy to keep him company. It is the only furniture she is allowed to be up on and she takes any advantages she can. Wes thinks it's pretty funny that she gets up on that bed.

I only made one workout this week, my Wednesday spin class that I teach. Other than work outs. I am feeling better today and am looking forward to hitting the trails for a 4 mile run with the TEAM tomorrow. I really hope the weather cooperates, I am getting cabin fever!

Wes starts basketball on Saturday, this time Uncle Jason is going to be his coach and cousin Brewer is going to be on the team. One of two things will happen this basketball season...either the two boys on the same team will work out great or it will be a total disaster....nothing in the middle.

Wes also turns 4 on Sunday. He specifically asked to have his party at a bounce house place. So we are headed to Bounce U on Sunday for a "bounce party" and pizza and cake.  I have to say it is pretty fun...they let adults bounce too! It's a Scooby Doo theme this year. He actually wants Scooby Doo and Buzz Lightyear on his cake...not sure if I can pull that off but I am going to the store tonight to see what I can do.

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Happy Frog and I said...

It's a nightmare when you get ill, but I am glad that you are feeling better. Hope things get much better health wise for you and your family from now on. x