Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Five Finger Run day!

I got another run in while wearing my five fingers! I went to body pump class, wearing the five fingers. There is a noticeable difference when doing squats and lunges when wearing the five fingers. It takes a lot more balance and coordination, it made the moves much more difficult. I am pretty sure it made me much more stronger doing them in five fingers as well. There are 2 women in the class who I can tell are runners, one I've actually seen on the trail, the other has the shape and the gear of a runner. I noticed them in the mirror whispering about me. For my own ego and sanity, I am going to say they were giving me runner cred for showing off my fiver fingers....I'm pretty sure that wasn't the case, but I'm sticking with that!

I hoped on the treadmill after class and did .75 miles. That is 1/4 mile more than last week. My calves could tell. My goal is to slowly increase my distance in the by 1/4 mile every week, paying close attention to how it all feels. If I'm not feeling it one day, I am not going to push it. So far, I really like the feel of running in them. It takes more time to find that sweet spot of my gait but I'm working on it, it's still new.

Anyone else out there just getting into bare feet running?

Any bare footers have any tips?

As a newbie...I would love some advice, guidance, or camaraderie!


Anonymous said...

I'm transitioning back into shoes.. I did not start in VFFs personally and wouldn't suggest it unless you MUST use them. You can still have sloppy form. Bare is best when learning. Listen to your body and when using the VFF's still listen to you foot fall it should be quiet, your turnover should be at least 180 steps per minute. Listen to your body, sore calves? Take a day off ease into it.

Nikki Kendall said...

If you don't mind me asking...why are you transitioning back to shoes?

Unfortunately due to the weather and shoe requirements for the gym VFF are my only option for winter. I am hoping to try actual bare feet in the spring/summer

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Brave barefooters! I can't wait o hear how your summer running goes in them!

Pepe Le Pew said...

As a non-runner (unless there is a rush to the dinner table) what is the benefit of running barefoot? Is it just a completely different style?