Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you spend time with the ones you loves..eating, drinking, being merry....

or just goofing around!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Life of a Personal Trainer!

In case I haven't said it lately...I love my job! I love getting paid to workout and I love helping others achieve personal goals. 

Even better....I get to know people on a totally different level. Being a trainer, people tell you a lot about their insecurities, their aspirations, and their goals. I love getting to know people on a new level and seeing them achieve so much more than just fitness! 
It's about health, confidence, that little black dress, and feeling great

A big thanks to Jess over at blondeponytail for hooking me up with a Gymboss interval timer! 

I used it to do a Tabata workout with my client Mo...

Mo is a great client and has quickly become a good friend! I love working with Mo! She kicked some serious butt during this workout and I plan on using my new gymboss much more. After seeing Mo go through this workout I already have ideas on how I will tweak it in the future! FUN STUFF!!

Side note: I've decided to step it up a bit for the Nashville Marathon. I got the "level 2" training plan from coach today. It's a 4 cycle plan building endurance, working with lactic thresholds, race prep, and tapering. In other words...I plan of kicking some serious ass over this winter!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Back at 'em...26.2 style

I start training for the Nashville Country Music Marathon on Saturday. 
New shoes were a wanted needed!

I LOVE my Mizuno Wave Inspire 6 and was looking forward to this year's version, Wave Inspire 7. Unfortunately they made some changes that did not feel good to my feet. I am not the only one who was disappointed though! The sales guy told me that the Wave Inspire 8's were getting rid of the changes seen in the 7's and going back to the shape/cut/foot like the the 6's

I ended up purchasing these...

Asics Kayno

I went with a size bigger than normal, since I beat up my toes during my last race. Wearing them around the house, I can tell they are heavier. I will find out on Saturday how they feel during a run. They are super cute, so I really hope they work out!!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fun with Family!

My 3 month old nephew stayed overnight with us this weekend!

We really enjoyed having a baby in the house!

Especially one that is so cute!

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Friday, November 4, 2011

A New Fitness Ambition!

I have recently decided to spread my fitness wings a bit. I have begun training to become a certified reformer Pilates instructor! I am super stoked!

I am working with THE PILATES CENTER OF OMAHA and going through the Stott Pilates Program (Click HERE)

The owners of The Pilates Center of Omaha have actually already extended me an offer to teach! I am very honored! I will finish training in December! 

The Stott Program is a 50 hour training program that involves observation hours, class room hours, and practice teaching hours. It is intensive and I absolutely love it!

Today...I officially mastered this move...

Refomer Pilates is honestly an incredible workout. It focuses on strength, balance, and core. It is exactly what I need while I am on marathon training hiatus. 

My goal was to completely steer clear of any and all running during this break and get healed up and strong....but I signed up for a 4 mile "Beer And Bagel" trail run on Sunday. They have really cool shirts ;-)

One run during my 6 week break then my focus in staying on strength, balance, and core!

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