Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Warrior

I feel like a total weekend warrior, excluding the fact that I was in bed by 10pm every night. On Friday I had Spin class then on we Trekked Up The Tower on Saturday!

Here is my little group outside of the building prior to our start!

The is Pete and Jenn, better known as the Carter family who we camp with. They got orange dots on their bibs since they were "elite" athletes. They had done a trek before and had a quick enough 10-K time to be "elite".  They kinda rock! Jenn kicked some major ass on the Trek too!

Here is Dave and I afterwards. I am really glad I talk him into doing these things with me. To be honest I really didn't talk him into it...I just told Jenn to sign us both up and then told Dave we were signed up after the fact. I suppose it is a good thing he is a good sport about that kind of thing!

All done! We still look pretty good for just running 40 flights! Official results:
Time: 9:53
Overall Place: 696 of 1429
Place in Gender: 252 of 786
Place in Age Division: 107 of 315

Sunday I led a group training session and got a true test of what it means to be a mentor. It was cold and snowy. I was dressed well for my run but not prepared for what was in store. I only had 2 other athletes (cold and snow) and I had 7 on my schedule! I ran the first part with another lady at my normal pace, after the 4 mile loop I turned back to catch the other guy since he had a 9 mile day. So I ran about 5 at my pace and I was sweaty. The other guy, who had 9, stated his ankle was bothering him but really wanted to get his miles we walked. No big deal, I am glad to do it with him, especially if he is hurting. The thing is...I had gotten sweaty and then cooled down walking with him....I nearly froze! And I mean FROZE! We finished together, he was glad for the company and I was glad to be the was a tough day!

You burn extra calories when you are I treated myself to the Ultimate Skillet at Village Inn for brunch!  I am pretty sure the calorie intake was not in my pants are actually a little tight after everything last week. But hey...I'll run it off eventually!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tall Weekend Ahead

 First...I'd like to give a shot out to the inventor of the Gyro. I love you.

I am actually sitting at my desk right now, enjoying a gyro for lunch. I have to teach spin later this afternoon...I might be the stinky teacher today. Although gyros are totally dee-lish...they are stinky.

On Saturday I will be participating in the Trek Up The Tower event here in Omaha.
I will race to the top of the First National Bank Tower. It is 40 floors, 870 steps, and 633 feet into the sky, First National Tower is the tallest building between Chicago and Denver.

The Hubby and I are doing the race with the Carter family, the other couple who we camp with all the time. It is apparently quite the event. Big companies in Omaha sponsor employees to go and community members can form teams too.

So...spin tonight, tower on Saturday, and a 7 mile TEAM run at 7am on Sunday. Nothing like a good workout to fight off that stress. THEN IT'S VACATION WEEK! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Office Pop

Why is it that when you want to go on vacation, the week before is the longest week of your life??  I have felt overstressed, overworked, and have come close to pulling an office pop on several occassion.....if you don't know what an office pop is...check out...The Other Guys

I have actually taken off a couple of days from working out. I am that tapped.

I am supposed to schedule my personal training exam this week too. I will take it at the end of March, but need to get it scheduled this week.
I am really nervous.
I never used to have any sort of test anxiety and was always very confident in my abilities. I breezed through both my Bachelors and Master's degrees with minimal effort so I have no idea why this one little exam has me in knots. I suppose it is because there is a lot of  implications I have placed on this exam and what it will mean to me both personally and professionally.  Where did that confident, sassy girl who I used to be?? Where did she go??

Desperately seeking: My Inner Bad Ass

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Few of My Favortie Things (take 2)

I love her! She has quickly become one of my favorite artists! I am totally obsessed with the song Rolling In The Deep.

Marshmallows burned over a campfire
I firmly believe you can not camp with out roasting's just not possible. I like my totally burnt too! Get them all warm and gooey and then torch 'em!

 The combination of chocolate and peanut butter might be one of the greatest inventions of all time
Candies, cakes, doesn't matter. You put chocolate and peanut butter together and it's awe-some

 Running. I love to run.
I obviously have to run since the two favorite things mentioned above could put someone into a sugar coma. I know I put this on my last favorite things post, but I can't help it!

 This Movie is like chicken noodle soup.
I was obsessed with this movie as a kid. I still watch it. Any time I am feeling under the weather I watch this movie and feel just a little bit better. I have no idea why. It's kind of like the Price Is matter what time you wake up on a sick day, the Price Is Right is always on and you just know it's a sick day. This movies is my go to movie to lay on the couch and slurp chicken noodle soup.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Easy Weekend

 We've had some unseasonably nice weather this weekend, it was awesome! We took both boys to our neighborhood park to play. One of the unique things about being a foster parent, you never know what the kiddos you have in your home have been exposed to...positive or negative life experience...I mean you have an idea about the big stuff but not the day to day.  So, when we arrive at the park, Wes takes off to run, yell as loud as he can (apparently a few months of inside voices is hard on a kid) and jump off everything he can. I plop "Izzy" down in a kiddie swing and give him a big push without thinking twice...then I hear it...the gasp for life...parents know that gasp. It's the gasp of having your breath taken away while being horribly terrified all in one shot. Only children  
have that gasp and parents recognize it instantly. It never occurred to me that a 16 month old would never have been to a playground or been on a swing.

So I grab the swing, comfort "Izzy", and we try again...this time with little pushes and the mommy funny voice to make it seem fun. He did well, Dave even got him to go down a slide all by himself.  

We got some other home accomplishments this weekend too. Hair cuts. Dave does a good job cutting Wes' hair. Wes does a good job getting his hair He thinks it's funny to make his hairs little.

I lead the group run on Sunday for TEAM In Training. I had a group of about 7 all with varying distances to cover. I had 7 and it went well.  What is super awesome about running with an organized group is the support and camaraderie. It is great to be surrounded by people who share similar goals. When I tell most people I train for marathons and triathlons, they look at me like I am completely nuts. They also look me up and down (the whole body scan) and seem surprised I can accomplish such feats. It's kind of a punch to the ego but what are you going to do. I do not look like an Olympic marathoner..all skin, bones, and leg muscles. I am curvy and it is obvious I have had children. Most of the people I run with on the TEAM are in the exact same boat. We are not competing. We just want to accomplish something amazing while helping others. I had a great run on Sunday and it really made me appreciate my TEAM-mates!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekend Mom

  When you become a parent, your days of sleeping in are over.  Throw training for a marathon on top of it and you are for sure done. period. game over.

All in all...getting to be a parent and crossing the finish line after 26.2 miles and it is worth it.

Wes is a very cuddly kid! I love it!

On the morning that I don't train with the team, I am on morning duty. Usually between 7-7:30am...I hear Wes come padding into our room. Typically, he wiggles is way in next to me and immediately starts whispering random rantings typical of a 4 year old; dinosaurs, buzz lightyear, friends at pre-school etc. Sometimes, I wake up ready to take on our weekend, other days not so much.

On the days of "not so much"...I hand Wes my iphone for him to play
with to buy me a few minutes. Wes loves to look through my pictures and describe each one in great detail while I try to catch a couple more Zzzzz's.  Never happens, but I never quit trying. Wes also enjoys taking pictures. The picture of me was taken by Wes at 7am on a Sunday. I returned the favor and took his picture as well.

We still discuss these pictures every time he pulls them up on my phone.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vacation Alternatives

  Uncle Sam and his bastard cousin, Tax Man, have decided to take our big vacation fund to use for their own purposes. So no warm, sandy beaches with cabana boys handing me drinks this year.

It's ok....I am grateful for roads to drive on, law and order, civil liberties...and all that good stuff that my taxes pay for. I would appreciate it if a few people could get off welfare so my whole vacation fund isn't sucked away!! But that is another soapbox for another time.

We have decided that a family vacation is still in order, November 2009 was our last family vacation so we are due. We are going to take Wes on his first trip to the mountains!

My college girlfriend and her family live in Beuna Vista Colorado and we are going to spend one evening with her and her family. I haven't see her since I was pregnant with almost 5 years. She is pregnant with number 2 and I haven't even met her number one. It will be so great to catch up!

THEN....we are headed to Beaver Run Resort in Breckenridge for the next 3 nights! They are having a huge Mardi Gras festival that weekend with parades, mascaraed balls,  etc. It sounds like it will be super fun with a lot of activities!!  We haven't decided if we will put Wes in Ski school, but I know we are going to go tubing with him! He loves sledding. I'm excited! A bonus....we are driving! It's a 10 hour drive to my friends house but I love a good road trip! Wes has always done well on trips. We are going to put Izzy in respite care while we are gone. You are not allowed to take Wards of the State out of State without the Court's permission. I know he will do well!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

 Wes had his last swim lesson of this session last night. We are going to sign him up again for the next session. I like having him in swim lessons during the winter. It gives him some exercise and keeps him exposed to the water. We camp a lot during the summer and 9 times out of 10 we are camping with the Carter Family and they bring their boat. They let us play quite a bit on their boat too! This past summer Wes tubed for the first time! I think this summer he may get a little braver...I hope! We spent a lot of time swimming and playing on the boat so I am not worried about him learning to swim, but it is still good for the swimming skills to continuously be reinforced.

I have had a really good training week this week. I increased my weights on Monday during Body Pump Class. I kicked the treadmills ass on Tuesday with a good "pace" run. I am really excited about the fact that I am actually getting faster! Tonight I have to teach spin! I am looking forward to it. I am planning on making a couple more play lists for class. I have to keep changing it up, for myself as well as the class! Hmmmm...
I just might feel an all girls power play list coming in the future!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Apparently I am still feeling the love from yesterday. I've decided to show you a few of my favorite things!

I love camping! I love everything about it!

I love the Carter Family. They brighten my day!

I love my Dog. She is a good dog, very loving and gentle. Goofy looking but what are ya gonna do?

I love a good dress! There is something feminine and sassy about slipping into a great feeling dress.

I love running. I love running with TEAM In Training!

I love my girlfriends! I have some of the best girlfriends anyone could ask for!

I love Wes. He is hillarious! Being a Mom is the best thing in the entire world!

I love Dave. I am lucky to have married such a good man. Everything listed above is all because of him!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Fab Weekend!

 We had an awesome weekend! We had a great turn out at our TEAM group run this weekend! We had a moving "mission moment" for our run and got to support one of our coaches and she marked the birthday of her mother who had passed away from cancer.

I was pretty sweaty from our 6 mile run...we ended up with great weather this weekend!  When I got home, I was peeling my sweaty clothes off and for some reason announced that I was stinky....Wes piped up and said " You should wipe your butt mom". I informed him that was NOT why I was stinky.

Wes had basketball Saturday morning, then we went to a Kendall Family Picnic. Dave took Wes swimming with his cousins afterwards while I took Izzy home to nap...I got a nap too so double bonus!

Wes was pretty worn out from all the events this weekend. He ended up getting sent to time out for letting his mouth get the best of him...I came back to check on him 2 minutes later and found him alseep in the time out corner.

Happy Valentines Day!

Last night Dave and I exchanged gifts.

I am going to be sporting some pretty awesome bling this week!

I am a lucky woman!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Ramblings

   My new jacket came in the mail last night!

   I love it!

  It fits perfectly!

  I must apologize for my frazzled appearance, I just got home, made dinner, cleaned up dinner, had one kiddo in the tub, and then a package arrived! I tore it open, put it on, and made the hubby take a picture!

So...I complained how I needed to go on a diet because I just wanted to loose a couple pounds. No major weight loss, just a smidgen. I cut calories last Wednesday and almost died while I was trying to teach spin.
Note to self: Focus on fueling your body not dieting.
This is a lesson I have attempted to teach myself, the hard way, on more than one occasion.
So SCREW the diet idea. Now..I'm thinking proper fuel plan idea. Gotta change my mind set. I'm still stuck on a specific number for the scale and I don't know why. I work out, I feel good, I fit into clothes well. But that number on the scale haunts me. Maybe it's a girl thing...I don't know.

On a happier, non-self loathing note...I am starting to teach an additional spin class. I got asked to take over as the instructor for Friday night classes! I am excited! I also am going to be the Sunday Mentor for the Month of February to lead group training sessions for the TEAM!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I love swag!

  When I was younger, I used to go to a lot of concerts. I actually still love going to live shows, but having kids and a real job isn't real conducive to the rock star groupie lifestyle. The best part about going to a show is getting the t-shirt to prove you were there and sporting it the next day. Bragging rights in a way....yeah..I was there kind of thing.  What I have that the obsession for the swag doesn't die. I seriously love doing events and races that have awesome t-shirts.

At the YMCA that I go to, they hold various little "contest" for people to win free YMCA gear. A few months ago I got a free water bottle for completing so many work outs in the month of December. Right now that are having a "Peak Fitness" contest where you color in sections of a mountain where each section of the mountain represents one mile. The little card has the big mountains of the world represented as segmented triangles and you have until the end of February to complete all 15 mountains. Kind of clever, kind of fun. If you complete all 15 mountains you get a free YMCA sling backpack.

We already have one of these sling backpacks from the YMCA. We got 2 sling backpacks from the Omaha Nighthawks, the UFL team in town, because we are season ticket holders. Our family has plenty of these little sling backpacks. Doesn't matter...I'm getting us another one.

Recently TEAM In Training re-released these green track jackets that apparently have been in high demand for a while. They are having a special deal where if you order one, they will embroider it for you for free. So....I ordered one. It is a really cool green and I had them embroider "Mom On A Mission" on the left chest. I do events with the TEAM as "mom on a mission" so I'm making it official. I just received an email that my jacket is being shipped. I can't wait to show you all the pictures of my super cool jacket!

Any one else a swag junkie??

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Diet Ordeal

Just saying the word "diet" makes me feel hungry and deprived. I hate the word. I try to eat relatively be honest I have a horrible sweet tooth and I secretly love potato chips.

I also have completely freaked myself out in regards to alot of food...Thank you Food Inc...Thank you. If you have not seen that movie...go see it, but brace yourself.

I want to eat real food, nothing overly processed or created in a lab. I also want to loose a little bit of weight, not much, just enough to feel strong and fast.

I have read up on a lot of diets. All of which sound great...except Atkins...I like bread waaaaay too much. I have kids and a husband that I cook for who all have to like what I do. I am a fan of the family dining together and I want us to enjoy our dinner together. I work 2 jobs and workout 6 days a week so I need fast, easy, budget friendly meals that will make me loose weight while nourishing our whole family.

So my mission...find a diet that will allow me to trick myself into dieting and loosing weight. I totally have to trick myself into dieting, I get cranky when I am hungry and my hubby won't like me. I like the hubby and would like to keep him.

Fun, easy, tasty recipes wanted!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What the......

I've noticed a trend.....and I just don't get it. Why is it that women over the age of 50 are completely ok with casually walking around the locker room completely naked? And I mean naked...completely naked...nothing even near them....naked.
Every Monday there is a woman who swims at the YMCA that I go to. I've spoken briefly to her, she is a very pleasant woman. She is also a very uninhibited woman. When she comes in from swimming she strips, showers with the curtain open, and then strolls through the locker room to the swimsuit dryer thingie, and strolls back to her locker and quickly dresses. She actually doesn't even use a towel...she air dries. I understand that it is a woman's locker room, we share all the same parts, but...I-Am-Still-A-Stranger.

The Guinness Book of World Records for 2011 is out. I've looked through the pictures for this year. What I want to know would you even know you had this "talent" and are you the one who actually calls Guinness or is there a "talent scout" ?

2011 world record for widest mouth

2011 world record for woman with the longest legs holding the 2011 world's shortest man.

2011 World record for farthest eyeball pop.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

We spent Superbowl Sunday at my sister's house gorging ourselves on way too much food! Not the good kind either....well the good kind but not the healthy kind! We had a great spread wings, taco dip, guacamole, meatballs, etc. etc. etc. It was fun! We let the kids run wild (through my sister's house thankfully) and relaxed and watched the game. This year I wasn't really excited about either team playing but it was a really good game! My vote for the best commercial was the Doritos Commercial...  It was seriously hilarious!

Sunday I did my first official Mentor Lead Group Training session for the TEAM! It was fun! Since joining the TEAM I have learned to love running company. I never would have said that years ago, but I'm a changed woman. Running with a buddy makes the long runs go by so much faster. Especially when you're running with someone you've just met! Getting to know someone, their story, it's awesome! What is even better is running with someone who is training for a reason! Everyone that I run with has a story, has a reason to raise money to fight cancer, has a reason why something so ridiculous as a marathon sounds appealing. Everyone that I run with is paying it forward and doing a good deed.

I am starting to get really anxious for spring. I want to do a real bare foot run! I am going to recruit my old high school track for the first real bare foot run!  I probably won't get the chance for several more weeks, but I am already excited!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Saturday!

 Saturday we went to one of my favorite restaurants..Jazz. It's a Cajun place that I don't frequent nearly enough. We started with fried alligator bites and voodoo chicken wings.
I had blackened chicken creole with dirty rice!
Dave had crawfish etoufee
Wes had mac-n-cheese...he's easy!

I finished my meal with Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie.

We took Wes and my parents to see the Broadway production of Mary Poppins.

It was awesome! Wes did a good job, he got a little antsy towards the end, but he did a great job!

Training note: I had the best swim of my entire training career on Friday! I finally found the zone while swimming...something I had never had happen before!