Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hump Day Havoc

Yesterday was ridiculous. I just couldn't win and it actually carried over into this morning. Long day at work, rushing to get to my Spin class, adjusting to having 2 kids in tow...all in all just kind of rough. Yesterday I made a comment on my post stating that when I grew up I wanted to be a M.I.L.F. If you have never seen American Pie it is time to crawl out of your cave because you have missed some major amounts of time. Anyways....I thought my comment was hilarious. So funny in fact that I carried it over to my facebook status. Apparently I was wrong. While trying to get dinner on the table my husband asks me if I was fishing for compliments. My response.."whaaaa?" He said that status updates like that are people fishing for compliments. My response..."humph, maybe, I guess." This is not the usual response from me, I was obviously tired from my day and from the workout. If I had been on my game I would have popped off with the appropriate wife-type response of..."if you complimented me then I wouldn't have to fish for them." But like I said I was off my game so I agreed with him, next time...I am going total desperate housewife on his ass.

Here is a picture of me teaching spin class last night. This picture was sent to me during class from a girlfriend of mine. Typically, not a big deal although I do not understand why she thinks I am photogenic during workouts....must be the dim lighting and loud music.  I noticed she was sending text during class but didn't think anything of it until it became glaringly obvious that I did not put my iphone on "airplane mode" which would have prevented me from receiving any texts, emails, or calls since I am using my iphone for music for class. So...right in the middle of the class the music briefly cuts out for my ding notification that I have received a text which draws my attention downward and everyone else in the class upwards. When I realize it is her, I give her the stink eye which makes her giggle. I quickly set my phone to airplane mode and look back at her. It is at this point that I get the giggles.  I then lose the ability to look at her for the reminder of the class without giggling. I will note that I did get several compliments after class about it being a good class. I didn't even have to fish for those!!


Pepe Le Pew said...

It sounds like someone is jealous because be wants to be a HILF when he grows up.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Hey! I commented on my bolg, but I will reply here. Spencer takes the pics in his office after we use the WSU weight room.

Can i tak a spin class from you when I am back in twon?!!

Besides SF, are you running any other marathons? I can't decide what to do!!

Nikki Kendall said...

YES!! Come take my class! I will get you a Spencer a free pass for the Y to use when you're in town, just let me know!

I'm doing the Lincoln Half and the SF full marathon. I am going to do the Omaha Women's Sprint Tri and then the Omaha Olympic Tri also!

Is San Fran too far to travel for ya??? ;)