Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Shopping

I got to feel like Santa on Sunday. We took a little family time and got the majority of our Christmas Shopping done! We have a large family to shop for, which is time consuming and expensive, but fun nonetheless. After our outing, I spent the afternoon wrapping all the gifts. I never excelled in the art of gift wrapping, to the point where my family makes fun of my and can eyeball which gifts I wrapped from a distance. All in all,  have never worried too much about it since the paper gets ripped off and crumpled on the floor.
  This is the first year Wes has actually asked for specific items from Santa. To my dismay...he has asked for Zhu Zhu pets, play do, legos, and a singing dump truck. I'm cool with the legos and play do...but Zhu Zhu pets...really....has he already fallen victim to the onslaught of holiday marketing? The sad part is...I am going to complain about them and still buy them. I will give in just to see the wonderful excitement on my son's face. After is a really cute face!


Anonymous said...

It's Play Doh, not play do.

Nikki Kendall said...

Ooops. It's early on a Monday morning...cut a girl some slack :)

Caroline - Wanna Be Iron Mommy said...

Zhu Zhu pets (or zoom zoom pets as my 6 year old calls them) are kind of fun. Play Doh and Legos are the work of some evil person. I detest both. Play Doh gets stuck in my carpet and Legos hurt when i step on them.
And I suck at wrapping too. I just say the kids helped [even when they didn't ;-) ]

Pepe Le Pew said...

When they request certain toys they see it is no big deal, when they request every toy they see is when it gets bad.