Monday, December 6, 2010

Win one for the barefooters!

 Saturday Wes had his second to last basketball game. He is probably the youngest on his team but he tries everything his coach tells him. After each game, parents are asked to bring drinks and snacks for the team. Today Wes had blue Gatorade....cute huh??

After the game, we headed down to Backwoods where I tried on some vibrams. Since the ones I ordered online were too small, I wanted to make sure I only sent them back once. Well...while I was there I got talked into going with the Sprints instead of the Classics. The young hippie salesman thought it would be a better match. I LOVE THEM! I wore them all weekend. I think I am just going to exchange the pair I previously ordered I love them so much! I am really excited to try them in the gym. I am really forcing myself to go slow, but I pumped! My foot looks really good in them don't ya think?

We finished off our weekend with a Big 12 Championship game that was a good game...but sad results. My hubby took a guys trip down to the game and reports he had a great time despite our loss. Huskers just could not hold on to the ball. ANYWAYS... Wes and I put up the Christmas tree. He really had a good time putting the ornaments on!

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