Thursday, December 2, 2010

Change of Perspective

I got my training schedule for my half marathon from my TEAM In Training coach yesterday. I got super pumped. What's crazy....after doing a full marathon I looked at the whole 20 week schedule for the half training and thought..."this will be a breeze." Then I stopped and realized what had actually passed through my head and took another look at the schedule. When did a 13 mile run become an easy day??  I ran sprints in high school and doing an 800 meter run was here I am at 31 thinking a 13 mile run sounds fun. Even better....I am excited about doing a triathlon in May. One year ago...this was all such a foreign concept, long distance running, and now it's a daily focus. To quote the famous, talented, and wonderful Dave Mathews..."funny the way it is, when you think about it." (I'm a fan, can you tell?) 

I have to modify the training schedule giving by the coaches, my triathlon comes after the half marathon. The schedule he sent out had 3 rest days and 4 run days. Not an option when you have to bike, swim, and run. So..beginning December 18th I will be doing a schedule that has 2 run days, one swim day, one bike day (I teach spin 1x per week), 1 strength day, and one yoga day.
Today was a swim day.
I swam 550 yards stopping. Whew!!! Tough stuff! The triathlon in May is a 750 meter swim, so I am on my way. After swimming laps I strapped on the water belt and did some water running for about 15 minutes followed by some water jumps and calf raises. Trying to get a bare foot workout when ever possible!!

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Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

How fun to be part of team and train! Accountability!!