Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vibrams in the workplace

I decided to wear my fivefingers to work yesterday. I work at a small proprietary university as a student advisor. Reactions: the nursing instructors loved them, the students were confused, and my supervisor just smiled at me. Yes, this is a picture of my feet on my desk and yes...fivefingers are relatively hideous. However...they are amazing. I love them. I am excited to see how my training goes this season! Training season starts Sunday. I'm starting off my season with a nice yoga class, I'm hoping to get the hubby to go with me too. The half marathon is scheduled for the first weekend in May and I will have a nice, slow, long training season to focus on form and speed. PLUS I hope to do TWO triathlons this year as well as another full marathon next fall!
  Last night I taught Spin class. I talked my sister into coming and she talked her husband into coming too. It was fun. I was really glad my sister came. When I got to the gym and went to change out of my work clothes, I realized I had grabbed two shirts instead of a shirt and pants. I quickly called my sister and asked her to bring my workout pants when she came up. Thankfully she had done laundry yesterday and had pants for me! That would have been a very awkward class otherwise!

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Pepe Le Pew said...

I hate when I do things like grab two shirts. There is nothing like that gut churning feeling when you realize how screwed you ar.