Monday, December 20, 2010

A little culture for the kids

We took Wes to the Rose Theater on Sunday to see Peter Pan the Musical. The Rose theater is a theater focused on kids. They do drama classes, all the plays of ones designed for kids, very kid friendly atmosphere. Wes seemed to like it, it might have been a little too long for his taste but he held it together the entire time! I think our buddy Ben enjoyed the play too. Sam (aka Cloudy), Ben's 15 month old brother, didn't share the same enthusiasm but he's cute enough that it didn't matter. His folks took turns hanging out in the "cry room" with him during the performance. The "cry room" sounds like a horrible place but in all actuality it wasn't so bad, nice TV showing the play so parents didn't miss out too much.

 We spent the afternoon and Dave's cousin's graduation party. He graduated from college!! Seems weird to think he's that old.

Exciting news....Sunday night we got to meet our first foster care placement. Due to the little man being a ward of the state and the very strict confidentiality laws I can't show pics of him or mention him by name. BUT for the sake of the blog I will call him Izzy. Dave and I went through foster parenting courses this past spring and our license was approved about a month ago. We are excited to foster Izzy! He should be placed in our home this week, possibly even tonight if all the forms get approved. Wes is getting a foster brother for Christmas....I am crossing my fingers that this all goes smoothly!!

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