Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Adding in Yoga for my running

While I am taking a break from my running, trying to heal my plantar fasciitis, I am focusing on getting stronger. As I continue my research in ways to heal, everything I read from my go-to running sources talk about yoga, and stretching seems to be the biggest "first way" to heal up and prevent plantar fasciitis (pf). The podiatrist I see states that stretching will be the best way to help with plantar fasciitis and that runners by nature have tight hamstrings and calves which increases the chances of PF and getting hurt. So...I'm adding in yoga to my weekly routine. Some moves I found helpful today... 

 The forward bend. It stretched everything. It stretched things that I didn't even realize were tight.
 Downward Dog. We do this pose a lot. It is a good overall stretch too. This one actually stretches out my feet more to. In all reality, it is a good upper body strength pose too. To takes some arm and shoulder strength to hold this pose well.
 Triangle pose. This one felt super good on my hips and the side of my waist. This one also stretched out my ankle on the back foot.
 Warrior 1 pose. This one takes balance and strength which is very good for runners to have.
Warrior 2. Also a balance and strength move. Doing lunges are great for runners...if done right. I think that these warrior poses are great because you get isometric strength in the lunge as opposed to awkward walking lunges that easily hurt your knees.
    Best part....yoga is a bare foot exercise class. You get to stretch and strengthen your feet without looking like the wierdo in the gym!


H Love said...

thanks for posting. I think my hips will like this!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Flexibility is something I totally need to work on! You go girl!!!

Tricia said...