Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Warrior

I feel like a total weekend warrior, excluding the fact that I was in bed by 10pm every night. On Friday I had Spin class then on we Trekked Up The Tower on Saturday!

Here is my little group outside of the building prior to our start!

The is Pete and Jenn, better known as the Carter family who we camp with. They got orange dots on their bibs since they were "elite" athletes. They had done a trek before and had a quick enough 10-K time to be "elite".  They kinda rock! Jenn kicked some major ass on the Trek too!

Here is Dave and I afterwards. I am really glad I talk him into doing these things with me. To be honest I really didn't talk him into it...I just told Jenn to sign us both up and then told Dave we were signed up after the fact. I suppose it is a good thing he is a good sport about that kind of thing!

All done! We still look pretty good for just running 40 flights! Official results:
Time: 9:53
Overall Place: 696 of 1429
Place in Gender: 252 of 786
Place in Age Division: 107 of 315

Sunday I led a group training session and got a true test of what it means to be a mentor. It was cold and snowy. I was dressed well for my run but not prepared for what was in store. I only had 2 other athletes (cold and snow) and I had 7 on my schedule! I ran the first part with another lady at my normal pace, after the 4 mile loop I turned back to catch the other guy since he had a 9 mile day. So I ran about 5 at my pace and I was sweaty. The other guy, who had 9, stated his ankle was bothering him but really wanted to get his miles we walked. No big deal, I am glad to do it with him, especially if he is hurting. The thing is...I had gotten sweaty and then cooled down walking with him....I nearly froze! And I mean FROZE! We finished together, he was glad for the company and I was glad to be the was a tough day!

You burn extra calories when you are I treated myself to the Ultimate Skillet at Village Inn for brunch!  I am pretty sure the calorie intake was not in my pants are actually a little tight after everything last week. But hey...I'll run it off eventually!


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

YAY Nikki!! You did awesome and that is a TREK!! Great pics of you!

I like your suggestion of the spousal support for an endurance athlete!!

Nikki Kendall said...

Thanks Jess!