Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Few of My Favortie Things (take 2)

I love her! She has quickly become one of my favorite artists! I am totally obsessed with the song Rolling In The Deep.

Marshmallows burned over a campfire
I firmly believe you can not camp with out roasting marshmallows...it's just not possible. I like my totally burnt too! Get them all warm and gooey and then torch 'em!

 The combination of chocolate and peanut butter might be one of the greatest inventions of all time
Candies, cakes, pies...it doesn't matter. You put chocolate and peanut butter together and it's awe-some

 Running. I love to run.
I obviously have to run since the two favorite things mentioned above could put someone into a sugar coma. I know I put this on my last favorite things post, but I can't help it!

 This Movie is like chicken noodle soup.
I was obsessed with this movie as a kid. I still watch it. Any time I am feeling under the weather I watch this movie and feel just a little bit better. I have no idea why. It's kind of like the Price Is Right....no matter what time you wake up on a sick day, the Price Is Right is always on and you just know it's a sick day. This movies is my go to movie to lay on the couch and slurp chicken noodle soup.


Julie said...

I love to roast marshmallows but they are not my favorite thing to eat. One is enough...but let me roast YOURS FOR YOU!
You've just got me all excited for camping season :D

H Love said...

I too love the Never Ending Story. It has been forever since I have watched it! Need to rent ASAP! Thanks for the comment on my blog! Warms my heart to know that you enjoy Thirsty Thursday!

Nikki Kendall said...

@ Juile: yes...the best part is the actual roasting of the marshmallow!

@ H love: Rent it and watch it as an adult....very different, still good though. Regarding Thursdays: I am not christian but I enjoy reading about your passion and your take on faith.

Pepe Le Pew said...

Chocolate and peanut butter is pretty good but chocolate and a tipsy wife is even better.