Monday, February 21, 2011

Easy Weekend

 We've had some unseasonably nice weather this weekend, it was awesome! We took both boys to our neighborhood park to play. One of the unique things about being a foster parent, you never know what the kiddos you have in your home have been exposed to...positive or negative life experience...I mean you have an idea about the big stuff but not the day to day.  So, when we arrive at the park, Wes takes off to run, yell as loud as he can (apparently a few months of inside voices is hard on a kid) and jump off everything he can. I plop "Izzy" down in a kiddie swing and give him a big push without thinking twice...then I hear it...the gasp for life...parents know that gasp. It's the gasp of having your breath taken away while being horribly terrified all in one shot. Only children  
have that gasp and parents recognize it instantly. It never occurred to me that a 16 month old would never have been to a playground or been on a swing.

So I grab the swing, comfort "Izzy", and we try again...this time with little pushes and the mommy funny voice to make it seem fun. He did well, Dave even got him to go down a slide all by himself.  

We got some other home accomplishments this weekend too. Hair cuts. Dave does a good job cutting Wes' hair. Wes does a good job getting his hair He thinks it's funny to make his hairs little.

I lead the group run on Sunday for TEAM In Training. I had a group of about 7 all with varying distances to cover. I had 7 and it went well.  What is super awesome about running with an organized group is the support and camaraderie. It is great to be surrounded by people who share similar goals. When I tell most people I train for marathons and triathlons, they look at me like I am completely nuts. They also look me up and down (the whole body scan) and seem surprised I can accomplish such feats. It's kind of a punch to the ego but what are you going to do. I do not look like an Olympic marathoner..all skin, bones, and leg muscles. I am curvy and it is obvious I have had children. Most of the people I run with on the TEAM are in the exact same boat. We are not competing. We just want to accomplish something amazing while helping others. I had a great run on Sunday and it really made me appreciate my TEAM-mates!


Julie said...

You are so right - TNTers are not the elite athletes (for the most part) that people might imagine when thinking of marathoners or triathletes. The first time my husband saw my tri group a few years ago, he indicated he expected to see some lean, mean elite athletes, but instaed he found a group of regular folks with ELITE SPIRITS!!

Nikki Kendall said...

Elite Spirits....I like that!!

Anonymous said...

Before I began my marathons and now tri's I thought only elites did this stuff.. Now I realize how everyone is different, looks different, trains different etc. BTW I don't look like them either.. but geez all they do is train! Yay for you and all you strive for!