Monday, February 14, 2011

Fab Weekend!

 We had an awesome weekend! We had a great turn out at our TEAM group run this weekend! We had a moving "mission moment" for our run and got to support one of our coaches and she marked the birthday of her mother who had passed away from cancer.

I was pretty sweaty from our 6 mile run...we ended up with great weather this weekend!  When I got home, I was peeling my sweaty clothes off and for some reason announced that I was stinky....Wes piped up and said " You should wipe your butt mom". I informed him that was NOT why I was stinky.

Wes had basketball Saturday morning, then we went to a Kendall Family Picnic. Dave took Wes swimming with his cousins afterwards while I took Izzy home to nap...I got a nap too so double bonus!

Wes was pretty worn out from all the events this weekend. He ended up getting sent to time out for letting his mouth get the best of him...I came back to check on him 2 minutes later and found him alseep in the time out corner.

Happy Valentines Day!

Last night Dave and I exchanged gifts.

I am going to be sporting some pretty awesome bling this week!

I am a lucky woman!

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