Thursday, February 10, 2011

I love swag!

  When I was younger, I used to go to a lot of concerts. I actually still love going to live shows, but having kids and a real job isn't real conducive to the rock star groupie lifestyle. The best part about going to a show is getting the t-shirt to prove you were there and sporting it the next day. Bragging rights in a way....yeah..I was there kind of thing.  What I have that the obsession for the swag doesn't die. I seriously love doing events and races that have awesome t-shirts.

At the YMCA that I go to, they hold various little "contest" for people to win free YMCA gear. A few months ago I got a free water bottle for completing so many work outs in the month of December. Right now that are having a "Peak Fitness" contest where you color in sections of a mountain where each section of the mountain represents one mile. The little card has the big mountains of the world represented as segmented triangles and you have until the end of February to complete all 15 mountains. Kind of clever, kind of fun. If you complete all 15 mountains you get a free YMCA sling backpack.

We already have one of these sling backpacks from the YMCA. We got 2 sling backpacks from the Omaha Nighthawks, the UFL team in town, because we are season ticket holders. Our family has plenty of these little sling backpacks. Doesn't matter...I'm getting us another one.

Recently TEAM In Training re-released these green track jackets that apparently have been in high demand for a while. They are having a special deal where if you order one, they will embroider it for you for free. So....I ordered one. It is a really cool green and I had them embroider "Mom On A Mission" on the left chest. I do events with the TEAM as "mom on a mission" so I'm making it official. I just received an email that my jacket is being shipped. I can't wait to show you all the pictures of my super cool jacket!

Any one else a swag junkie??

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