Thursday, February 24, 2011

Office Pop

Why is it that when you want to go on vacation, the week before is the longest week of your life??  I have felt overstressed, overworked, and have come close to pulling an office pop on several occassion.....if you don't know what an office pop is...check out...The Other Guys

I have actually taken off a couple of days from working out. I am that tapped.

I am supposed to schedule my personal training exam this week too. I will take it at the end of March, but need to get it scheduled this week.
I am really nervous.
I never used to have any sort of test anxiety and was always very confident in my abilities. I breezed through both my Bachelors and Master's degrees with minimal effort so I have no idea why this one little exam has me in knots. I suppose it is because there is a lot of  implications I have placed on this exam and what it will mean to me both personally and professionally.  Where did that confident, sassy girl who I used to be?? Where did she go??

Desperately seeking: My Inner Bad Ass


Anonymous said...

She's there, go find her!!

Lori Lynn said...

I'm sorry you're stressed! I hope it gets better for you. :-)

Diplo_Daddy said...

Go and have a cup of coffee at your local Starbucks, all by yourself. Sometimes a bit of alone time is all one needs.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I know "she" is there! Bad @$$ Mom on a Mission!

You should totally host a giveaway!! I have simply reached out to companies and asked, some say yes, others no...or you could always do a goodie bag!