Monday, November 15, 2010

Brewer turns 3!

My nephew, Brewer, turned 3 this past week and had a batman themed b-day party on Sunday. It was fun! Brewer did a good job sharing his new toys with his party guests, minimal crying, and minimal hitting. There were a lot of boys there too!
  Since I got in a workout everyday during the week, I took the weekend off! It was nice....wierd but nice. I've noticed that since training for a marathon I have a hard time sitting still. I get antsy if I don't get a workout in. It has been particularly bad since I've been taking a break from running while getting my foot healed up. Tomorrow is a swim day, so I plan to do laps and then some deep water running. Maybe that will help....but honestly there is nothing better than hitting up Lake Zorinsky on a clear crisp cool day. Deep breath....long sigh.


H Love said...

Hope the birthday was sweet!! Also great job on getting your workouts. You will have to do a post about water running sometime???

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Happy birthday Brewer!!!