Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I got a super awesome email today...one that contained my paperwork to become a mentor for TEAM In Training!! Needless to say, it is filled out and ready to roll! I am going to be a "non-fundraising mentor" for the Lincoln Half Marathon in May 2011. I am then going to be a "fundraising mentor" for the Nike Women's Marathon in October 2011! So beginning in February I will being raising funds for the Nike Marathon! I hope I can count on everyone again! I had such a great time and it is such a great cause!!

I also decided I am going to do the Omaha Women's Triathlon in spring and the Papio Mayor's triathlon again this summer! They are both sprint distances and if they both go well I think I might venture out and try an Olympic distance!  The Omaha Women's Tri is beginning of May so I will start training for that now! I am having a much easier time planning my schedule now that I actually have something to train for!!