Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More time in the Pool

 I hit the pool again today. I swam 500 yards and then took on 25 minutes of water running. Above is a picture of the belt that I use at the YMCA. I was cruising along, feeling pretty ridiculous when I noticed the guy next to me. I recognized him from one of my spin classes and knew he had just done an Ironman 70.3. http://www.ironmankansas.com/.  He is probably in his upper 50s, age wise, and in AMAZING shape. He had been swimming laps for a while...but then he stopped, grabbed an aqua-belt, and started water running! So either one of two things has occurred......1. I found someone as crazy as me or 2. I have just unlocked a Running Zen Master secret known as water running. We both finished at the same time and started chatting. Our conversation quickly turned to our distaste for swimming. He too had dealt with plantar fasciitis and was able to overcome it! He also said he trained for A YEAR AND A HALF for the iron man 70.3. Now that is dedication. It is also inspiration. I'm glad I chatted with him this morning.

Check out this link....it's a video of water running


 Fun Stuff....Can you just picture me in the local YMCA. Hee Hee.

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