Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Funday!

We had another great time camping this weekend! Today we got up and went swimming and had another cook out for lunch. Wes did such an awesome job swimming!! We got him a new life jacket for when we go boating and he took full advantage of it while we swam in the lake. He swam back and forth between Dave and I in water that was up to my shoulders! He didn't even want us holding on to him at all! He thought he was pretty cool swimming all by himself. I have a feeling swimming lessons are going to go smoothe this winter!

I hit another personal record on Saturday....a 10 mile run! It went well! I kept it slow and made it the whole way with no problems....other than the fact I had to pee 3 times during the run. I obviously kept myself hydrated during my run. So my totals for July:

I ran a total of 69.1 miles this month. I completed a triathlon. AND...most importantly....I lost those pesky pounds I had put on from last month! I have run a total of 135.8 miles for TEAM in Training! I am also turning in my offical paperwork TOMORROW for the marathon. Woot Woot!

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