Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Early Start to the Weekend

We are heading out tomorrow to camp for the weekend. We are camping with the Carter family again but they are leaving us Friday and we are flying solo for the rest of the weekend. Pete has to work on Saturday I think. I think thier nephew is headed home this weekend too. He's a good kid, it was nice to get to meet him!

I had a hills training day today. I headed over the Chalco hills and ran the 4 mile loop. Chalco was deemed "moderate" in difficulty compared to the "easy" classification our Saturday run loop gets. I have to was hilly! Good workout though! I might start to incoporate the big loop of that lake into my weekly run schedule. We will see how brave I start to get. Our miles are starting to rev up both on the weekends and during the week. I have 10 this Saturday and we will increase every Saturday throughout the month of August. Hope the weather cooperates!!

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