Sunday, August 29, 2010

Busy Weekend!

We had a very busy weekend. Saturday morning I woke up and ran 14 miles!! It was a rough run though. I discovered why our coaches told us not to go on a diet during training. I guess I won't be fitting in that dress for the wedding in september but at least my training will go smoother. hmph. I really wanted to wear that dress but after Saturdays run.....I'll just buy a new one. I can fit into the dress but it is just a smidge too tight, it looks like I'm trying too hard and no one wants to be that girl at a wedding. No one.
 After the run we met up with my Dad and went to Offutt Airforce Base's air show. It was fun after we got through Wes' I'm tired and hungry melt down. Thank goodness for chicken tenders and a reclining stroller seat! Whew. On Sunday we had a famil breakfast and village inn and I went to Dave's cousin Katie's bridal shower. It was a nice shower, she got lots of cool kitchen gadgets! I'm pooped. I have a busy week ahead too. 3 interviews, a health fair, a facial, and on Saturday....a 15 mile run day!!

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