Sunday, August 22, 2010

Great Fun!

We had another great time camping this weekend. We went out again with the Carter family. Dave smoked a couple of pork shoulders on the grill and we ate like kings. We had Dave's family come out and join us for dinner that evening too.
I got in a 10 mile run on Saturday, came back to the campground on hopped in the water and got in a ski run. My feet were a little beat up but it was fun. On Sunday I actually got up on the wake board!! I didn't stay up but I'm still super pumped I just got out of the water! Maybe next time I will get it figured out. Dave showed off some skills, he pulled a 360 on the knee board, I myself backwards and face planted as I tried to get forward facing again. Eh...what are ya gonna do. Jenn and Pete showed us all up with their slick skills on the slalom ski...very impressive. I hope to be as cool as them some day!

Dave learned a valuable lesson this weekend as well. When your 3 year old is holding on to a large rock, throwing him up in the air and catching him is a bad causes blackeyes.

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