Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beautiful day!

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. Wes and I took advantage of the weather by heading to the zoo after preschool. Wes specifically asked to see the jungle, giraffe, and zebras. So that is what we did. I added in a Bugs 3D movie at the imax. It was fun. Wes seemed to like it too. I will say that he was absolutely worn out by the time we got home.
I did a spin class this morning. I also spoke with the director at the downtown branch and the YMCA, I am offically going to get set up and certified to be a group cycling instructor! I am soooo pumped about this opportunity! I have to take 2 basic group fitness certification courses and then the cycling course. The YMCA is paying for my courses and setting my up with the text books as well! I will be on the sub list and hopefully get a regular class to teach. Unfortunately I still have to find a full time job but what are ya gonna do??

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