Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pooptastic Thursday

Last night we decided not to let the dog out when she knocked because we thought she was just wanting to go outside to play. We were wrong. When we woke up there was diarrhea all over the basement floor. I took her to the vet and they prescribed her an antibiotic and pepto tablets. She must have felt really bad because she refused to come in the house all day and whenever I anyone tried to talk to her or pet her she would cower. She put herself in her own cone of shame. (reference to the movie UP in case you didn't get it). So instead of running I spent the morning at the vet and then renting a rug doctor and cleaning carpets. NO FUN!

BUT that changed around. Wes got a good nap in this afternoon, which allowed me too, and we went to The Amazing Pizza Machine with the Carter's. Wes was so excited that Ben got to go to the Pizza Machine he actually let out a girly like gasp of excitement when I told him. They played hard and I am sure they will sleep well.

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