Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fun

Tonight we went to Millard Days. It was fun...we rode rides, ate dippin dots, ate funnel cake, and played at the park. Dave took Wes on the Tilt-a-whirl.....Wes smiled the whole time, Dave did not. Dave is not aging well in terms of amusement ride fun. Wes loves them! I am still a fan though I can't hold my own the way I used to.
I went to the YMCA today and filled out my new employee paperwork. I am officially a Fitness Instructor for the Y. I have courses to complete before I can start teaching, but first on my agenda is Group Cycling. I went and priced cycling shoes today and found a pair I like. I am proud to say that this time, they were NOT the most expensive pair in the store!! THAT NEVER HAPPENS TO ME! I always like the expensive ones purely by default. This was not the case this time, awesome! I would also like to teach Body Pump, which is cardio weight lifting. We will have to see what my schedule allows. I still have to find a full time "real" job....but I am super stoked to get to teach these classes! The game plan is to have me start teaching after Sept. 11th!! The girls who teach the cycling classes now stating they were excited to have me on the schedule!

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