Thursday, August 12, 2010

Terrible 3s

We spent the afternoon swimming with the Carter's at the YMCA. Wes spent the first 20 minutes pouting on my lap and then chose to sit out for the next 20 minutes. After 2 potty breaks and a time out his head spun around in a couple of 360's and he turned back into my son. He played and was jumping in the pool with Ben. I can't explain it. Thankfully Ben is patient and puts up with Wes' random issues. We are planning on heading to the zoo on Monday before Ben starts kindergarten. We will keep our fingers crossed that the grump monster stays at home and that Wes attends the outing with us! Although I may have accidently traumatized the child this evening. I rented Monster House, Wes likes being scared, and I think it was a little too much for him. He ended up going to bed with his dinosaur flashlight. Hmmmm....we will see how this night pans out.
I got in 4 miles this morning and spoke the the fitness director about becoming an instructor at the YMCA. He is setting me up with the required courses! I am really excited about this opportunity! I would really like to see this take off and go somewhere awesome! UNTIL THEN...I agreed to help out Wes' daycare with their AM transportation. They needed someone to take the school aged kiddos to their schools and since I am typically not doing anything from 7-9 AM I thought I could help out. Gives me something to do, a little cash in the pocket, and helps out the's a win win. I told them it would only be temporary since I am still seeking employment and they told me whatever I could do would be helpful. Eh....good karma if nothing else :)

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