Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Totals

OK. I ran 90.1 miles in the month of August. Since beginning TEAM in Training May 15th I have run 225.8 miles, lost 2 pounds, lost one inch from my waist, lost one inch from my hips, and have gone through one pair of shoes. As of today, I added an insert into my shoes to try to elievate some heel pain I have been having. Last weekend my heels hurt so bad I could hardly get out of bed on Sunday. After ice and massages I took out my new pair of running shoes. The run went great but my heel hurt by the time I got home. So I am taking it up a notch. Tomorrow will be my first run with them in and I hope it goes well. I wore them all day today to try to get used to them. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I had a call back interview today that I am super hopeful for. I have been down in the dumps lately and I think returning to be a productive member of society will help with that...also get Dave off my back. My classes for the YMCA start sept. 10 and I am really excited to get that started as well! I got my first pair of cycling shoes! I am looking forward to trying those out in class next monday. They are actually pretty cute as far as cycling shoes go.

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jenni said...

90 mi for the month!! You're amazing!