Monday, March 21, 2011

Vegetarian Week In Review

 I have spent the last week being a vegetarian. I only slipped on one meal....I made a big breakfast for Dave and I this weekend of bacon, eggs, and toast; and ate the bacon. I didn't even realize it until almost 4 hours later. I must be a creature of habit.

My first venture was eggplant. I have never bought an eggplant, I have never cooked an eggplant, I have never eaten an eggplant. It turned out good. Dave even like it. I made eggplant parmesan with pasta made with whole wheat angel hair and a veggie marinara....side of brocoli to boot! We always have milk with dinner, no exeptions. does a body good...espeically with it's organic and fat free!
Another venture....Cauliflower Tangine. For the reciepe click HERE

 I served it with Quinoa....first time I have ever cooked that too! The Quinoa probably wasn't necessary but it gave the meal a protein boost. This dish called to have it served over Cous Cous but it really isn't needed, it is stand alone good. If you add one more can of veggie broth it would be a good soup.

So far my nemesis: Tofu
I just can't get it right. I can't get it so it's not super mushy. It's totally a texture thing too, taste-wise it is good. I am going to give it one more shot. I have an idea.....I will keep you posted.


Mamarunsbarefoot said...

Awesome! Sounds like you had a great vegetarian adventure!!

chris mcpeake said...

Love veggies but I could never give up meat. Its just too yummy

L Finch said...

Hubby had to give up meat for his gout, so naturally I gave it up too. it's been an adventure!!
I'm your newest follower! Check out my blog...

Happy Frog and I said...

I gave up meet nearly 6 years ago having been a complete carnivore up to that point. I find tofu works really well if you marinate it overnight and or grill/fry it if you don't want it to go too mushy. Quorn is the product I live by though, could not manage without it!