Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vegetarian For A Week

So my new challenge is to be a vegetarian for a week. Living in Nebraska, the beef state, I am a fan of steak. I grew up eating meat and potatoes. I also grew up having to "clean my plate". 

To date we have not forced Wes to "clean his plate". He can be done eating when he is full. We do make him try everything though, at least one bite. He is a picky eater...I have no idea where he gets that from either. We want him to be exposed to new things and continuously try items that are "out of the box" in his little  4year old mind. We typically have to bribe him with his bedtime snacks, but ultimately I am OK with that.  

Yesterday was my first attempt at tofu. It wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. Julie had given me  a good idea for my next tofu attempt and I think I will take her advice, her idea sounds yummy! So, I spent some of my workday yesterday looking up vegetarian recipes...I know my boss would be proud. I found a few that sound relatively easy and that allow me to step outside of my norm and try something new. On my list this week is Eggplant Parmesan and BBQ Tofu over Quinoa. I have never eaten eggplant let alone cooked it. I have also never cooked Quinoa.    Hope the hubby is ready to roll with me on  this one!

I headed out to the grocery store after the little boys went to bed. I only forgot 2 things, which is good for me, and they are easy to pick up on my way home. While I was checking out, the poor teen boy; riddled with acne and braces, says to me "Wow Ma' got a lot of vegetables". After my initial internal "ugh" for being called ma'am...I told him I was going to try to be a vegetarian for a week. He paused, thought for a minute and said..."but meat is good."   

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Julie said...

I love how tofu takes on the flavor of whatever you are cooking it with, but I do have trouble with the texture of the softer ones. Let me know what you think of your marinated stir fry tofu.