Friday, March 11, 2011


Inspiration can be found almost daily....if we remember to look for it...or at least acknowledge it when it's there.  When I logged on this morning, I found some!

Please click on this link and go to her raffle page!

Ms. Angie Bee is holding a raffle on her blog to raise money for Camp Sunnyside. Ms. Bee's son has autism and has been going to this camp for 3 years. Ms. Angie Bee is doing this raffle to raise money to help the camp and she is also on the planning committee for a walk/5-k to help raise money as well. Ms. Angie Bee is also a mom on a mission!

Jess at Blonde Ponytail is also an inspiration! Jess and I went to high school together. In high school she was a superstar athlete and well as academic. I have gotten the opportunity to "reconnect" in the virtual world with Jess and I must say that she is even more of an inspiration now! It is very cool to see what an amazing woman she has become! Side note: she is still an awesome athlete!

  At the BIGGEST inspiration.....Wes. As a parent we are forced into the position of being a role model. What we say, what we do, how we all absorbed into your child's little brain. As Wes grows up...I am not going to force him into athletics...but I do want to be a good role model as far as taking care of yourself and your body. I want to show him the importance of exercise and eating right. Wes has been forced to see a couple of my races. He is always a good sport about it. Shortly after my first marathon, a local pumpkin patch held a race , 100 meters for his age group, where the kids got to actually "compete" in an event. They all got numbered bibs (like mom wore) and at the finish line they all got medals (like mom did). Wes told us he really liked it and wanted to run more races (with mom). I swear it almost made my heart burst!!

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