Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday worthy race results!

Rocking my St. Patty's Gear for the Leprechaun Chase

On Saturday I did the Leprechaun Chase. When I signed up for this race I had a goal time in mind, 6.2 in under an hour. On Friday when I saw the weather (20 mph winds) I thought that maybe it wasn't going to be a good day for a goal pace, then I saw the course and how insanely hilly it was and I was pretty sure a goal day was not going to occur today. At the start line, I got nervous. The kind of nervous where I wasn't worried about my goal time, I was worried about acutally finishing the race. I have no idea why I got so nervous, I have run 6.2 miles before on numerous occassions.....but sitting at the start line I worried I wouldn't finish. Then I looked up, and saw two of my TEAM-mates! Instantly my nerves were gone. I was suddenly just going to go for a jog with the TEAM, no pressure, just my regular Saturday routine.
The gun went off and we headed out. Instantly we were greeted with hills and some off road running. I focused on staying steady and strong, told myself not to worry about the time, it was a tough course, stay strong. As I crossed the finish line I looked up.....AND I DID IT!! Woot Woot! I hit my goal!! Offical results:

Time: 57:48
Pace: 9.21
Age Division: 53/142
Gender Division: 522/872

I proceeded to enjoy the green beer after party. I have to say it was a super fun race. Everyone was dressed up. The costume contest was awesome! A girl won the overall race so every lady got a free beer!!

For my birthday Dave got me a new pair of Vibram Five Fingers. These are much more low profile then my bright blue ones! They feel amazing.


Rochelle said...

That's so awesome! Way to go! Always nice to get better than you expect especially with bad weather.

Happy Frog and I said...

Congratulations, that is such good news. I am very impressed indeed. :-)

Julie said...

WTG!!! Sounds like a fun time! Love the new Vibrams. I'm not sure any Vibrams can actually be "low profile" yet. But I'm sure seeing more and more people wearing them!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

WOO-HOO!! That's awesome Nikki! GREAT JOB on killing your goal in less than ideal conditions!

Nikki Kendall said...

@ Rochelle and Ms. Froggy: Thanks!

@ Julie: you're right, they aren't exactly low profile shoes, but more white than neon blue helps ;)

@ Jess: Thanks!!