Monday, March 28, 2011

 I have decided to adjust my schedule after a massive BONK on a long run day! I had been working out Monday through Saturday:
Monday: Body Pump
Tuesday: Short Run, Fast pace
Wednesday: Teach Spin
Thursday: Swim
Friday: Teach Spin
Saturday: Long Run

This schedule had been working out fine....until 9 mile day. I hit mile 7 during that run and bonked. It might have had to do with my pace, I went out fast and had a hard time maintaining; my legs were sore for 2 days. So I have decided to add in a rest day. My new schedule:
Monday: swim and weights on my own
Tuesday: Short run, fast pace
Wednesday: Teach Spin
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Teach Spin
Saturday: Long Run

I tried this new schedule last week and my long run this past Saturday went much better. I focused on slowing down and just cruising. It was a really good run. It actually snowed on us the whole time we ran. It was cold....but it was Oh My Gosh Beautiful. We saw over 8 deer tucked away in the back corners of the lake. It was quiet and the girl I ran with this time was great company. She is training for a half ironman, we chatted quite a bit but we both were able to appreciate the beauty and the silence when needed.

I have noticed a trend I am not happy about...the number on the scale keeps creeping in the wrong direction. I have to focus on a happy balance that keeps me going through my workout but that also keep my pants fitting. I have been thinking about this balance for a couple months now and just don't have it right. I think I am going to have to resort to a food journal. I hate food journals, I don't like thinking about what I eat all the time, It makes me paranoid. So before I dive in head first...I am going to do some research. Doing research will make the hubby proud. He's a research kind of guy.

Any suggestions for a food journal?
Any tips for the fitting pants vs happy workout dilemma?


pete said...

what worked for me was not recording what I ate, but being aware of the calories of everything I ate.

If you look at the labels while shopping, and see that real mayonnaise costs 100 calories, but lite sets you back only 35, it's easier to decide to use the lite.. Or just use mustard.

1 lb weight loss per week = 3500 calories, which means 500/day.

Sharri said...

I hate food journals too, but I honestly think they are the most helpful way to keep you focused on what your putting into your body. So far I've lost 21 lbs with my "lifestyle change". I also measure all of my meats because if I had it my way I'd eat all meats and little veggies. So if I stick to only 4 oz. of meat and fill up on greens, I fuller for longer and feel much better.

Nikki Kendall said...

@ Sharri and Pete: I am a mindless muncher...I think tracking will help out with that a ton!