Thursday, March 3, 2011

7 Things List

I got tagged by mamarunsbarefoot in her blog to complete a 7 Things List
So here is mine...

1. I have been practicing Buddhism for almost 15 years. I am not a very disciplined  practitioner, I don't go to temple. But I do practice Zazen mediation every day.

2. I have so mega curly hair. I tried for years to make it straight and pretty. It never worked and I always hated my hair. I didn't embrace the curls until I was in my twenties...I am now mad at myself that I waited so long.
3. Excluded my world travel ideal destinations...I have accomplished almost everything on my bucket list. This list includes a triathlon, marathon, sky diving, and other things that are too outlandish to mention publicly. Only some of my bestest friends know some to these list items...and others will forever remain a secret.

4. I am a huge Dave Mathews Band fan. I have seen them 9 times in concert and hope to go to more shows. They are awesome. I am utterly convinced that #41  is probably the greatest song every written of all time!

5. I sang with the Nebraska Choral Arts Society for 6 years. I am on a Christmas CD, won 2 silver medals in an international competition, and traveled to Germany where I sang in a cathedral with the worlds longest echo.

 6. I get spring fever very badly. So badly in fact that my grades suffered in both undergrad and grad school, and I actually find it hard to maintain employment during the onset of spring.

7. Super Troopers in by far one of my all time favorite movies. I laugh so hard I almost pee every time I watch never gets old.



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Anonymous said...

Wow a singer! Very impressive!!! I LOVE spring!

H Love said...

i too have spring fever.....year round! thanks for the tag!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...


Diplo_Daddy said...

Thanks for the TAG! Yeah, Super Troopers is indeed a funny flick.