Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have officially registered for my personal training exam. I am taking the exam April 13th. I am really nervous about this exam, I think April 13th gives me time to really study and really get over the nerves too. I have been chatting with my supervisor at the YMCA about the exam and she has given me some helpful hints. Keep your fingers crossed.

On Saturday I have my first ever 10-K race. I am normally a 10-minute mile girl, I am hoping to complete the race in under 60 minutes, sounds like a good goal to me...give myself a little push. It is hard to have a personal best time when you have never run a race of this distance but I have run that many miles. So...once again....keep your fingers crossed!

Coming back from vacation is tough. The snow capped mountains of Colorado have transformed to mountains of laundry. Everything that we put off doing before vacation is now glaring me in the face. Booooo!

 We took "Izzy" to see a developmental pediatric Doctor before we left. "Izzy" has had ongoing troubles with his ears which may be effecting his language development. This Dr. would like to get his ear troubles cleared up and then set him up for a few different evaluations. Due to "Izzy's" age, there isn't a whole lot we can do yet, but good base understanding will be very helpful in the next year to get him set up with appropriate services if needed. The ability of a child in foster care to form a bound with an adult is very critical to their overall development into adolescence and adulthood. We were hoping to see a little bit of attachment with "Izzy" in the fact that he may be excited to see us upon our return, unfortunately we didn't get that. He was pretty indifferent about our arrival and his return to our care. "Izzy" has a court review hearing next month, I have been contacted by the court to fill out a form about my opinion regarding the case. Lots to think about this week!


Julie said...

Good luck on your exam!! I took mine last April through NASM. I was sooooo nervous. So much information, so much textbook...and only 120 questions. I guess it was good because you had to study EVERYTHING well!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Yay!!! Wishing you the bestin yor prep and on April 13th!!!