Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dash-n-Dine Thursday

Tonight I went to a dash-n-dine with the TEAM. WE went out and ran 4 miles and then went and ate. There were 7 girls who came out tonight. It was 97 degrees for our run this evening....we were super gross when we went out to the restraunt but at least there were 7 of us who were super gross together. I ordered a "healthy" dessert so that I could have a fruity cocktail! It was fun to get to have some girl time and get in a run! I got to meet another girl who will be doing the Des Moines marathon with me. She is in OT school so hasn't been able to come out for Saturday runs. It was great to get to run with someone who will be running the marathon with me and meet someone new all at the same time!

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