Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fun Day!

We had a great day. I kept Wes out of pre-school today and we went to the zoo and a splash park. This is a picture from the Skyfari Tram going over the zoo. That was both of our first times on the Skyfari ride. It was super fun! Wes loved it, he kept hollering "Hi Down There" to all the animals as we passed by.
I am winding down the training this week, taking a break to be on top of my game for the triathlon on Sunday. Yesterday I rode for 30 minutes and ran 2 miles. I am taking today off and getting in an easier workout tomorrow and Thursday. I am getting excited for race day!
I have a brutal day tomorrow. I start off with a dental appointment at 7:15 AM and a job interview at 11. Not sure which is worse....I guess since I have to pay to go to the dentist then that is the more evil one. Keeping my fingers crossed for the interview!

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