Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Race Warrior

This weekend was the Run For Justin. I must say.....I rocked a PR.  

The Results:

Overall    Div                                                                              Time  Pace
278/609  22/64    Nikki Kendall         Omaha NE           32 F     27:57  9:00

Next weekend is the Papillion Mayor's Triathlon. I am a little nervous about to lake conditions for this event. After seeing the glowing green lake, I am anxious about algae levels. I know they will test the levels before the event and in all honesty...I'm hoping they swap it for a duoathlon! That water looks awful!

I have had very poor event planning for these two events. I taught an extra "power pilates" class on Friday before the 5K and came into the 5K with sore and tired hips and glutes. I forgot to ask for a sub for my two classes the Friday prior to the Tri and actually volunteered to sub an extra spin class the Thursday before. I'm not real sure what I was thinking.....I'm nervous now. I may still request a sub for my Friday classes and see what I can get.

With everything that has been on the schedule lately I am noticing a few "burn out" symptoms. Mainly in my eating. I can honestly not eat enough! I have had ice cream the last 3 days in a row which in not my normal eating habits. I'm looking forward to getting the Tri over with and not having an event on the schedule for a couple months. I am looking forward to just focusing on running.

I complain about being a little burnt out but in the same breath I am hoping to rock another PR next weekend. I know I am faster as far as my run and my ride.....I think I can PR this race. I did this race last year as my first Tri and I am hoping to knock off some time!!

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Happy Frog and I said...

Well done and good luck with the next one. I don't know how you do it, but I am very glad you do!