Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gift from Blogs Abroad

It is amazing how much blogging has made to world a smaller place!

I have gotten to learn about some pretty amazing people from some pretty amazing places and haven gotten in contact with old friends as well.

First, I received a postcard from Sweden!

Tina at tinajoathome sent me this pretty postcard. Tina is a runner and mother to boys so we share some similarities despite being strangers from thousands of miles away!

Jess at blondeponytail is an old friend from high school. We have reconnected in the virtual world and have gotten to spend some time together over the last week or so as she visits her parents. Jess lives in Washington with her amazing Baseball Coach for a husband. She is a marathoner and an all around great athlete. While she is in town visiting, I have invited Jess to come to some of my spin classes! It has been fun catching up! She brought me this super cool Tri It Wear T-shirt!

Julie at Adventure is Out There is a fellow Team In Training athlete from Oregon. She is super amazing!! She just completed fundraising for the Team AND completed a HALF IRONMAN!!!! 
She is a mom, enjoys wine, and is an insane endurance athlete like myself!

I won her giveaway and she sent me this Zaca Recovery patch....for those days when the wine tastes a little too good!

Julie threw in a bonus gift!!! This super cool Team In Training towel!

This inside is the awe inspiring Team logo and it reads..

"Suck It Up Princess"


I am totally feeling the love from my blogging buddies!  Thanks Gals for totally making my week!


Julie said...

Yay! The package arrived! You are getting some love lately!!! I love getting postcards! The shirt from Jess is cute. You know I have a couple of their shirts and LOVE them!
Have a great day!

Olga said...

You've gotten wonderful gifts. Isn't it amazing to have such kind and thoughtful friends?