Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hottest Race EVER!

I know that Badwater (click here) is suppose to be the toughest and hottest race on the planet....I think my Triathlon today could beat it!  Heat AND humidity

6am: Temp 78 Humidity: 84%
Noon: Temp 90 Humidity: 67%

I climbed in the car at 6:30, race gun went off at 8am. I picked up my packet and set up my transition area, then found my buddy Jen. We sat in the shade until the start. It was H-O-T.

Then swim went ok....I still do not understand why open water swims are so much more difficult! I just don't get it!!! I can swim a mile in the pool but you get me out in a lake I a struggle with my 550 meter swim! Ugh!

They changed the course this year for the was a much better ride but also a much tougher ride! Very hilly. Although it was a tough ride, I like this course much better than last year!

When I saw my time after the ride, I was happy! The run started off tough, you could feel the heat radiating off the paved trail....brutal. I caught up to a co-worker of mine and we did the last half of the run together. Not my fastest 5K, but my toughest by far! It was really great to have someone for support for the last part of the run, it made a big difference!

I ended up getting goosebumps on the last half of the race, which is not a good thing. I knew I was way overheated. I crossed the finish line, happy with my time, kicked off my shoes, and headed straight for the lake. I stood, waist deep, until the goosebumps went away and then found my hubby and sister who came out to support me!  It was so brutal out, I didn't stick around to chat or see awards. My results..

2011                                         2010
Swim: 17:00                                                   Swim: 17:00
Bike: 53:10                                                     Bike: 1:04:48
Run: 29:02                                                      Run: 30:57
Time: 1:41:46                                                  Time: 1:58:58

I am pretty happy with my time, especially considering the weather conditions! I have no other Tri's on my schedule for 2011. Now it is time to focus on marathon training. Next up..



Julie said...

Good job! I hate that feeling of goosebumps or actually feeling cold when you know it's hot as hell out there...NOT a great sign.
What a great improvement over last year!!! said...

Oh my,can i try to :-)

Good job!

Happy Frog and I said...

Hi there Nikki, well done on your time improvement in such hot and humid conditions. My friend who does these type of challenges says that wearing a wet suit when she swims has really helped her times. She also tries to practice swimming in lakes frequently before the event itself.

Congratulations on an amazing achievement. x

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You did amazing for the horrible heat advisory conditions!!

Where are the pics??? ;)